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Jun/17/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Nayantara Dutta
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Nayantara is the author of Unapologetically Muslim. Unapologetically Muslim celebrates different Islamic women worldwide, whether religious or not. Nayantara Dutta wrote her thesis inspired by the world’s misconceptions about Muslim women. Writing the 82-page trend report helps share more light on the fact that Muslim women are stronger than the world thinks.

Dutta’s piece is also featured in refinery29, The Hindu and Campaign and Teen Vogue, to name a few.

Nayantara Dutta About

Nayantara Dutta profession is being a content writer and manager and honing journalistic skills and experience. She is also certified in psychology.

Nayantara Duttawriter stories are compelling, and she is a free-spirited Muslim woman with a zest for life, culture and meeting new people. She’s lived in cities across the world like Kolkata, Mumbai, New York, Hong Kong, China, Boston, Jakarta, Indonesia and lots more. 

Growing up and moving from place to place, she observed cultural differences within the Muslim religion and other cultures and religions.

Unapologetically Muslim is her 82 page trend report thesis that focuses on muslim women worldwide. In it, there are stories from Muslim Indonesian women and Muslim women living in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


Nayantara Dutta went to Tufts University in Boston, the United States, where she studied psychology. While doing her final year, she embarked on her trending report and thesis, Unapologetically Muslim.

Nayantara Dutta News And Her Work – Unapologetically Muslim

Dutta’s Unapologetically Muslim featured how the hijab is often seen as a symbolic and universal icon to Muslim women. While this is so, the hijab does not defy who Muslim women are.

The piece also explored 50 Muslim women’s lifestyles and what being Muslim means to them.

There was also information in her written piece about how being Muslim can be a complex topic. Complexity is often due to Muslims not all looking the same, and while they share religion, they don’t always share the same cultures.

Awards and Achievements

When it comes to Nayantara Dutta and her in-depth knowledge of diversity and cultures, her hard work and talents paid off, and she has gained recognition and many awards.

ADCOLOR awarded her with their Rising Star award. Nayantara also got the Campaign Female Frontier Award and a prestigious position on the Drum 50 under 30 list.

Nayantara is a colorful, loving woman of expression and will. While she thrives in her work as a writer and making voices heard, she also does more than write, as you’ll learn in the fun facts.

Fun Facts About Nayantara Dutta

Nayantara can read palms and is pretty versed at it too.

She has travelled the world and lived in multiple cities, still, she would love to have a seasoned passport or, as she says, “worn passport” and the serenity of a home near the sea.

Nayantara Dutta is also a jazz singer who toured Spain.

She loves poetry and writes them too.


Who is Nayantara Dutta married to?

Nayantara Dutta’s husband is unknown. We’re not sure if she is currently in a relationship.

Where was Nayantara Dutta born?

Nayantara was born in South Asia and continues to contribute to South Asian culture, voice and diversity. She has lived in many parts of the world and in six countries as she grew up.

What is Nayantara Dutta Networth?

Dutta’s net worth is not disclosed. She is a freelance writer and her income may fluctuate depending on what contracts and projects she takes on. We’re not sure about her current position in her psychology career.

When did Nayantara start her career?

Nayantara began her formal career soon after qualifying. Her thesis is one of her most acclaimed works. She is also published in several renowned magazines, including Teen Vogue.

What is Nayantara’s Inspiration to go to work every day?

When Nayantara was asked what inspires her to get up and go to work every day, she responded in an interview by The Drum with the following: “I am inspired by the brilliant and thoughtful people that I work with and how willing and eager they are to teach and mentor young talent”.

What virtues does Nayantara Dutta live by?

Nayantara’s virtue is “staying hungry.” Nayantara believes in following your curiosity and creating your own opportunities.

Conclusion To Nayantara Dutta

Nayantara Dutta inspires young Muslim women for her ability to share her voice and speak out on the misconceptions and stereotypes regarding Muslim women. Her millennial approach is fitting for the times we’re living. With everything evolving at a rapid pace, so too are humans and our ability to accept everyone for who they are.

Have you read Unapologetically Muslim? Tell us your thoughts.


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