Interesting And Cute Gothic Fashion Trends To Try Out

2 years ago / by Nancy Amon
Goth Outfits
Vintage gothic fashion
Image credits: Nocolas Postiglioni via Pexels

When it comes to goth outfits, we naturally picture everything in black, dark makeup, black hair and nails and so on. Dark colors and heavy makeup forms the basis of goth style, but it’s developed and incorporated more colors, different makeup shades and hair trends over the years.

Gothic style is an era that dates all the way back to 1400s Europe and carries on through to the 1500s. For the most part, the gothic era referred to the architecture of this time. However, when observing the fashion trends during those gothic periods. You quickly recognize the similarities to gothic style clothing today and as the style developed across the years.

From lace to heavy velvet drapes, silks, nets and unique hairstyles and makeup, these were the makings of gothic fashion in the Middle Ages. A technique called “slashing” was also used to create small cuts into the fabric so that the underlayer in a different color is revealed.

In this article, we want to check out some goth trends that make it a cool style to try or adapt on special occasions, if you will.

Goth Icons That Inspired Many

Some famous gothic icons include Marilyn Manson, Theda Bara, Siouxi Sioux, Black Dahlia, Musidora, David Vanian, Kristen Ritter, Taylor Momsen, Evan Rachel Wood and Tim Burton.

There Are Many Goth Types Hence Different Outfits

Goth outfits come in all forms, and sometimes, the type of goth style represented matches the wearer’s personality.

Corporate goth

Without compromising on eccentric and eclectic taste, corporate goth attire is professional while keeping signature goth traits.

Pastel goth

Pastel goths celebrate goth style and fashion but add color to their wardrobe. It’s not all monochrome colors for them.

Punk goth

The punk goth is lighter on the fashion trend featuring goth accessories and casual wear.

The cyber goth

Cyber goths are usually kitted in bright neon colors, wild hair and gas masks.

Street style gothic

The street fashion in goth is one of the easiest to wear since it incorporates easy to wear outfit pieces. There’s no need for corsets, but fishnets, tights, lace and dark makeup work. It’s casual and easy.

Victorian goth

The Victorian goth pays homage to the Victorian era of dressing while adapting gothic elements.

Tips On How To Dress Goth

Pick a look

First off, start with a look that you like and would like to wear for your gothic style clothing. Many people like the street style goth as it is probably one of the easiest to get your hands on. The clothes are easy to find and wear.


There are plenty of makeup tutorials to bring out your inner goth. The gothic makeup palette is often dark shades and paler skin. Sometimes lighter shades are used to mimic a pale vampire tone.


Goth accessories often include elements like skulls, spikes, leather, stones, and anything not leaning towards mainstream or what others consider “norm.” Some goths even wear vampire fangs or have a set specially made to mimic vamps fangs as an accessory.


Chokers featuring studs, lace, leather and simply all types of chokers, even collars, form part of goth outfits. Not to mention, chokers are back this season on mainstream fashion, but goths were already way ahead with it.


Fishnet stockings are one of the main goth outfit highlights, especially when wearing dresses or skirts. You can also wear ripped tights and have some of those in your gothic wardrobe.

Piercings and tattoos

It’s rare to find goths without piercings or tattoos, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any. It could become a future venture when you start modifying your body. You can help yourself to some fakies if you want the look without anything permanent just yet.

Different hair colors

Gothic fashion is all about being creative as well, and so you’ll find goths with different hair colors. If you don’t want to do any drastic changes, you can use alternative hair color that will wash out. Your hair doesn’t have to be long, and some goths also wear wigs if they want.

Boots and more boots

Goth footwear is often elaborate leather boots featuring laces or buckles and can be very high with chunky soles. If you can’t wear those or they’re uncomfortable to walk in, then pumps work too. You can even wear lower boots, ankle or knee-high or taller boots. The soles doesn’t have to be high.

Gothic Fashion For Men

Gothic style clothing for men also follows the same trend as those for women. Layered clothing, perhaps a velvet vest, frilled shirt and skinny jeans or trousers. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can build your outfit off that.


Dark heavy coats for colder weather, long hair, or dreadlocks even. Men can also have various hair cuts with an edge to them, just like women goths.


Boots with buckles or lace-ups, again depending on what you like.


Accessorize with a wide-brimmed hat. Pendants and chains are also welcomed by gothic style for men. Other accessories are welcome too that could form part of the original outfit. Hand gloves and dark nail polish is also an option as part of the accessories.

Regal gothic attire

For a regal gothic style, you could dress up. Sometimes gothic men prefer wearing ties, cuff links and tailored suits. These could be made with silk and velvet. You could probably see a lot of Victorian goth men dressed up in this stylish goth style

Again, get some inkwork done; tattoos and piercings will complete the look and match any ensemble of outfits for your gothic style choice.

Makeup to further accentuate the gothic style

Men can also wear makeup, and goth men are no different. Dark eye shadows and eyeliners are some of the most important elements. Hand gloves and dark nail polish is also an option as part of the accessories.


What does a goth wear?

Depending on their interest, taste and likes, a goth will wear whatever suits them and keep the traits of the gothic fashion within this wardrobe or goth outfits.

Do goths only wear black?

No. Goths definitely wear other colors if they want. Every color is welcome, from neon greens and blues to scarlet, purple and hot pinks; the color palette for goths isn’t limited. They can even dress in all white if they wanted and featuring lace netting and other gothic style elements.

How do you dress like a 90s goth?

To dress like a 90s goth, you want to go with black or dark shades of color. You can also want to stick to gothic fashion classics like a pair of black lipstick, chunky boots, fake piercings, black nail polish, chipped black nail polish is even better.

The 90s goth style fashion and accessories also included barbed wire bracelets, ripped tights, themed handbag, fishnet or lace hand gloves, cross necklaces, pendants,

What is bubble goth?

“Bubble goth” is a style initiative created by the Estonian pop singer Kerli Koiv. Bubble goth is meant to make the creepy look pretty and the pretty creepy.

Can you dress goth without being goth?

In goth culture comes many factors, including listening to the music that made it popular. Essentially, the only people to dress goth are those who are goth and listen to goth music.

Conclusion To Gothic Fashion

Gothic style clothing accommodates all personalities and styles. It is rather a very versatile style genre. If you’ve always wanted to try out gothic fashion, then you can adapt some of these goth style pointers and get started.

Not everyone can be true goths, but many admire the style and trendy edge that comes with the gothic culture.