Jalek Jobanputra – the Revolutionary Making Indus Women Proud

1 year ago / by Nancy Amon
Jalek Jobanputra
Image credits: olieman.eth via Unsplash

When we think of true inspiration, Jalek Jobanputra comes to mind. Like other genuinely inspiring Indus women, she is not only changing lives but instilling the hope that nothing is impossible no matter where you’re from. Carry on reading for news on Jalek Jobanputra.

About Jalek Jobanputra

The biography of Jalek Jobanputra is about a humble yet thriving Indus woman leader in an otherwise “male-dominated” industry.

When Jalek, her brother and her parents moved to New Jersey from Tanzania, her mother was concerned about what American girls did. For the most part, it turns out; they learnt ballet.

Jalek and her family are of Indian descent, and they were new to American customs. Like other American girls, Jalek too pursued ballet, but her life and the career of Jalek Jabanputra changed later on.

Career and Professional Beginnings of Jalek Jabanputra

Jalek’s higher education was at the University of Pennsylvania, an English major pursuing journalism. Jalek worked and did her internship at SEO and later got placed in a permanent job that involved finance and technology at Lehman Brothers.

After much experience and feeling out of place in an industry with little to no brown women, Jalek Jabanputra was determined to start her own firm.

Before starting her firm, Jalek was the vice president of New York City Investment Fund and the Omidyar Network director.

What is the profession of Jalek Jabanputra?

Jalek is now a founding partner of Future Perfect Ventures which she established in 2014. Future Perfect Ventures specialises in block chain, machine learning, and many more next-generation technology concepts.


Who is Jalek Jobanputra married to?

Jalek’s personal life is private, and it’s not clear who she is married to. She is a driven and dedicated businesswoman, philanthropist and inspiration.

Where is Jalek Jobanputra born?

Jalek Jobanputra was born in Tanzania. However, she is of Indus descent, as are her parents and sibling.

What is Jalek Jabonputra’s net worth?

Jalek’s net worth isn’t disclosed. She is a very successful businesswoman with exceptional leadership qualities has also been the director at Omidyar Network. She was also the Senior Vice President at New York City Investment Fund.

When did Jalek Jobanputra started her career?

Jalek’s career started after she attained her higher education. She was placed in a permanent job after her internship period at SEO.

Conclusion About Jalek Jabanputra

Jalek is proof that everything is possible even when you don’t “meet the normal standards” of society or you’re from a different culture or upbringing. She continues to direct and lead her team and help businesses achieve their goals in shared industries.