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Sep/30/2021 / by Nancy Amon
lady gaga outfits

When you think about Lady Gaga, you think crazy outfits, bold, only she can pull that one off and simply wow. For most of her earlier career years, Gaga made the crowds “gaga” with her insane fashion trends. Lady Gaga outfits include everything as well as meat. As gross as that may seem, it’s an outfit nobody will forget.

In recent years, Lady Gaga costumes are more toned down and glamorous rather than shocking and speechless. But we can’t deny the fact that her clothes are very artistic and she could very well be a walking, talking work of art.

Here Are 25 Lady Gaga Outfits That Were Bold, Strikingly Wild and In Some Cases Scary

#1 The outrageous meat dress

Wow, and wow again!

The infamous Lady Gaga fashion turned heads when she showed up at the 2010 MTV Music Awards in a meat dress. The dress was completely made of meat, raw flank steak. It was designed by Franc Fernandez and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

The meat dress was known as the “most outrageous fashion moment.” It infuriated animal rights groups and vegetarians.

Still, it was the most popular dress in 2010. A poll by “My celebrity Fashion UK” revealed results that the meat dress was number one as the most iconic outfit of 2010, which put the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, in second place.

The infamous Lady Gaga costume meat dress was placed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, where it went on display as part of an exhibition in 2011.

#2 Lady Gaga costume – Sea urchin

There’s no stopping Lady Gaga when it comes to bazaar outfits. At an Artpop tour in Paris, she showed up dressed in a shimmery silver cloak. Paparazzi later saw the cloak transform Gaga into a sea urchin as she inflated each spike. Glam-art on the go.

#3 The graffiti poncho plus helmet combo

There wasn’t much sense to this outfit, but either way, the queen of pop rocked her graffiti poncho dress with the helmet accessory.

#4 The lace catsuit

The red lace catsuit is right up there with all Lady Gaga’s fashion hits or misses? She sported the lace catsuit for Marc Jacob’s spring collection 2010. Apart from this very revealing catsuit, she also paired it with a halo art piece.

#5 The 2008 “old school Gaga”

Another iconic Lady gaga outfits include one known as “old school Gaga.” She wore it to the NewNowNext Awards, and it featured patent leather knee-high boots with openings  on the sides. The outfit was more of a jumpsuit and featured clear safety goggle-like eyewear and sheer tights.

#6 A Mermaid Outfit

Another one of Lady Gaga outfits included what supposed to be a mermaid costume. The bottom half was a sheer-net, off-white material skirt paired with a shell bra and killer 8-inch heels.

#7 Shakespearian collar and big curly diva hair

This was probably less crazy than other outfits mentioned. Still, this outfit featured a Shakespeare collar and a big curly wig, plus a blazer.

#8 19th-Century Gown

In 2009 Lady Gaga craziest outfits kept rolling in. She, at some point, wore what was supposed to be 19th-Century inspired. The outfit featured lace, a hat, a feather-detailed corset and a flowing long goth-like skirt.

#9 Space-inspired costume

In 2010 for the 52nd Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga fashion included a space or galactic-inspired dress. It was lilac, shimmering, sparkly and designed to resemble Saturn’s rings. For a space prop, she carried a bright star. Of course, the 8-inch heels did not get left behind.

#10 All in white plus a veil

2010 Was still a high point for whacky Lady Gaga fashion. At a red carpet event, she wore a frilled frock that went from her neck all the way down. You couldn’t see her feet either. More like a giant doily, this outfit featured a white lace veil that formed part of the headpiece. This look fascinated the crowds.

#11 Black Shine Mermaid

In a bit of a low-key costume, at the 2013 MTV awards, Lady Gaga wore a mermaid dress that was form-fitting and flared out at the bottom. It also has a polka dot train attached to it. She wore a sleek black hairdo and glasses.

#12 Artpop outfit

In 2013 Lady Gaga best outfits were inspired by art again. This time she wore a multitextured black gown that paid homage to the art deco period but promoted her album “Artpop”. This gown featured a head and a face piece too.

#13 A Human Horse Accessory

At the American Music Awards of 2013, Gaga was carried in by her human horse carriage. The structure was made to look like a huge white horse on which she sat while it trotted her along the red carpet. The horse costume had people in it.

#14 Cocoon Dress

 In 2014, she arrived at the red carpet inside a cocoon or an egg. Gaga was carried across the red carpet by people.

#15 A White Gown in Honor of Carole King

2014 Saw Lady Gag donned another honorary getup, but this one was for Carole King. It was a stylish long white dress with a partially open front. She featured her iconic white hair and round sunglasses as well as elaborate accessories to complete the look.

#16 Fun with accessories

At the 2015 Oscars Awards, Gaga was seen sporting red dish-like rubber gloves. Her dress, on the other hand, captivated 50s fashion being sparkly with a voluminous train accompanying it.

#17 Fashion in Milan

Gaga was also seen in the streets of Milan on a beautiful afternoon, leaving a café. Gaga was dolled up in a black multitextured outfit (leather, fur, velvet) or, so it seemed a hat and sunglasses. You could recognise her bold red lip.

#18 Gaga’s Shorter Shorts

Can a short shorts get even shorter? Well, Gaga donned a shorter version of a short shorts in denim and a white tank top that matched her white hair.

#19 Rise of the Cowgirl Hat Outfits For Gaga

In Japan, she wore all black with elaborate sleeves and a black cowgirl hat. In Tokyo, she was also seen with a “vote” cowgirl hat, unpinned corset and frilly skirt and sleeves. Some say this outfit was in honor of feminist writer Charlotte Perkins Gillman.

In New York, she featured another cowgirl meets bridesmaid outfit.

She was also seen looking much like a Barbie cowgirl on another occasion designed by March Jacobs.

Cowgirl meets shorter shorts outfit is another one we can’t miss in iconic Lady Gaga outfits.

#20 A Model for a Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

Lady Gaga struts her stuff on the catwalk for fashion designer Marc Jacobs. This outfit features a large pussy bow in yellow, an oversized coat and neck-breaking heels.

#21 One Piece in Italy

Gaga loves net, lace and other textures and makes full use of them in her outfits. Lady Gaga wore a one-piece net suit with flair sleeves. Accessories included rainbow colored round sunglasses.

#22 Bra episodes

Sometimes Gaga goes through phases, we think. She was seen on several occasions featuring a bra as her main outfit feature completing whatever the getup was at the time. It’s one of her most commonly worn styles, along with killer heels and shorter shorts.

The Toned Down Not So Outrageous Lady Gaga Outfits

Yes, when we think about Gaga, it’s hard not to associate her apart from whacky costumes and loud clothing that spark fury. But, there are some outfits in her collection that isn’t as crazy.

The Tribute Dress

As a tribute to her late friend and designer, Alexander McQueen, for the 2010 VMA’s,  she wore a regal gown, paying tribute to him. It featured a feathered headpiece accessory by designer Philip Treacy.

Green Floral Feminine Dress

There was another dress she sported at an event that featured beautiful florals. The dress had sheer detail and flowed freely to her feet- are rather, elegant piece for the pop star singer.

 Black Midi Dress 2021

In 2021, Lady Gaga best outfits included this simplistic and minimal black velvet midi dress. It featured metal button embellishments and a chain. A grown up touch to her prior shocking garments.

Having a Walk About In New York 2019

In 2019 the singer was spotted looking really lovely in New York. Lady Gaga wore a stylish metallic puffy pleated silk-blend shirt and a straight leg jumpsuit. Her boots were still as though they would match her former Lady Gaga craziest outfits, but it went well with the getup.

Undo Chic Simplicity of 2014

Toning down the crazy outfits into this beautiful and rather glamorous “old Hollywood charm” outfit. The floor-length mermaid dress also featured a chiffon lilac scarf and an updo hairstyle.

Extravagant Makeup

At the 2014 Kennedy Center Honors event, Lady Gaga wore a simplistic yet beautiful floor-length dress. Her hairdo looked to be inspired by the 40s and her makeup a whole other kettle of fish.

Oscars After Party 2015

In a style and color contrast to the 50s inspired dress, she wore to the Oscars, she now wore a simple black dress to the after party. The dress was beautiful and her makeup and accessories complemented the look nicely.

Printed summer dress and tartan shirt 2019

Another beautiful ensemble for Lady Gaga seen in 2019 was a lovely summer print dress in green and a tartan shirt around her waist. She was wearing iconic Lady Gaga outfits round sunglasses and sporting her white-silver hair.

Couture dress by Christian Dior 2019

For the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Pop singer Lady Gaga wore a stunning haute couture dress by Christian Dior. The dress Gaga wore was accessorised by stunning white Jimmy Choo Anouk pumps and bracelet by Tiffany & Co.

Beautiful haute couture for Valentino

We love Lady Gaga in show-stopping haute couture. She wore a design by Valentino for the 76ths Global Globe Awards in 2018.

Stylish in beige

At another 2018 event, Lady Gaga wore a beautiful and almost fairy tale princess beige gown. The haute couture design was from Christian Dior 2018’s Fall collection. Her beautiful beige dress was paired with stunning bow pumps.


What is Lady Gaga clothing line called?

Love Bravery

What is Lady Gaga fashion style?

Edgy, eccentric, crazy and wild. Those are probably some of the words one could use to describe the singer’s fashion style.

Does Lady Gaga have a stylist?

Lady Gaga has more than one stylist, Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador are some of the stylists who dress the pop singer.

Which is Lady Gaga’s best outfit?

The answer to this question probably depends on individual opinion. Some love her style and some don’t. Either way, what may appeal as the best to some people, may not be the same for others.

She caters to chic and stylish as well as outrageous and crazy.


Love her style or hate it? Lady Gaga outfits are jaw-dropping in good and bad ways. They often stir up trouble and controversy, and other times, they draw energy from art and expression. There is indeed probably nothing the singer won’t wear and has by far worn some of the most spoken of outfits that won’t easily be forgotten. If someone is going to steal the show or the red carpet, it most definitely will be Gaga. Whether she is being carried or whether she’s strutting her incredibly high heels, she’ll make you say “wow” or “WTF.” Either way, you see it, Lady Gaga is bold and vivacious.


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