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Aug/03/2023 / by Team Seema
Jaya Ahsan
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The Bangladesh-born actress, Jaya Ahsan, has been acting on screen since the early-2000s. The actress began her career as a model before turning to acting with great success. Since her breakout performance in “Guerilla”, Ahsan has become a successful film producer and entrepreneur. Jaya Ahsan’s age is 29, with her date of birth being 1983. She was married to Faisal before divorcing and beginning a relationship with the actor, Tuhin Rukh Khan.

The Biography of Jaya Ahsan Age and Early Life

The early life of Jaya Ahsan was spent in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ahsan spent so much of her life in the city that she was shocked at filming conditions when filming in a village. She has tried her hand at several occupations before settling on the life of a thespian. Her career began when she was offered a modeling job in a Coca-Cola commercial.

The First Steps to Acting

After abandoning her modeling career, Ahsan looked to establish herself as a journalist and teacher before returning to modeling. A 1997 Coca-Cola commercial got her noticed and led to several acting offers. Her acting career began in TV dramas in her native Bangladesh. The TV show, “Hatkura” proved a difficult role for the Dhaka-raised Ahsan. She had to learn a regional dialect and adapt to the rigors of filming in a rural setting.

An Award-Winning Film Career

Learning about her is about more than age, with her career in film starting in 2004. A guest appearance in “Bachelor” gave her limited opportunities to expand her acting skills. The 2011 movie, “Guerilla” gave Jaya Ahsan the chance to show her range as an actress. The movie is about a wife searching for her husband in the Bangladesh Liberation War. The actress proved her skill and audience appeal in a challenging role that won her the first Best Actress Award at the National Film Awards. Ahsan had already won several awards at the Public Choice and Critic’s Choice Awards.

The attention placed on her after her career-defining performance in ‘Guerilla” has continued. She has worked in Bangladesh and India from the 2010s into the 2020s. The success of her movies has continued for the critics and the public alike.

A Talented Artist

News on her rarely focuses on her work as a visual artist. Her films have featured some of her artwork, including “Enachhi Shurjer Hashi.”


What are the qualifications of Jaya Ahsan?

Jaya Ahsan studied at college. Her artistic qualifications include classical music and traditional dance.

When did Jaya Ahsan start her career?

Ahsan’s first TV appearance was in a Coca-Cola commercial in 1997. Her first TV roles emerged in the late-1990s.

Is Jaya Ahsan married?

She was married to the model, Faisal, from 1998 to 2012. She is currently in a relationship with the actor, Tuhin Rukh Khan.


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