Jayati Ghosh – About A Development Economist from India

Feb/13/2022 / by Swarnendu
Jayati Ghosh
Image credits: CFA India via Flickr

The Economist for Development

Jayati Ghosh is a renowned development economist from India. She has the experience of teaching economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi for close to 35 years. Since January 2021, she has been the Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The United Nations named her to be on the High-level Advisory Board on Economic and Social Affairs in 2021. If one were to ask what is the profession of Jayati Ghosh it would apt to say that she is an academician.

Jayati had positions at Tufts and Cambridge University and has lectured in academic institutions throughout India.

While talking about Jayati Ghosh it needs to be mentioned that her research interests cover a wide gamut of the subject of economics. Some of them include globalization, international trade and finance, employment patterns in developing countries, macroeconomic policy, issues related to gender and development.

The biography of Jayati Ghosh must include this fact that she has authored and/or edited 19 books during her long and illustrious career as an academician. Never done and poorly paid: Women’s work in globalising India; Women Workers in the Informal Economy; Industrialization of China and India: The impacts on the world economy (co-edited with Nobuharu Yokokawa and Robert E. Rowthorn) are three among them. She also has nearly 200 published scholarly articles to her credit.

Over the years, her academic work has been recognized through several awards which include International Labour Organisation’s Decent Work Research Prize for 2010 in Geneva, and NordSud Prize for Social Sciences 2010 of the Fondazione Pescarabruzzo, Italy among others.


Where was Jayati Ghosh born?

She was born on 16th September 1955. The age of her is 66 years. There is no authentic news on Jayati Ghosh about her place of birth.

Who is Jayati Ghosh?  

She is a globally renowned economist.

Where is she from?

She is from Delhi, India.

What is Jayati Ghosh known for?

She is known as a development economist.

Where did she study?

She earned her graduation degree from the Delhi University and did her MA and M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She did her Phd. from Cambridge University in 1983, following the winning of the Inlaks Scholarship. Her doctoral thesis from Cambridge University is titled ‘Non capitalist land rent: theories and the case of North India.’


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