Jeffrey Sparr’s “Red Carpet Thoughts”

Apr/25/2021 / by Jeffrey Sparr
red carpet
The artist himself, Jeffrey Sparr

Artist Jeffrey Sparr channels his creative juices into his thoughts on cinema’s biggest night and its famous red carpet.

My name is Jeff Sparr, and I am living proof of the power of creativity to change lives. I was diagnosed in college with OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and have spent the last 30 years fighting an invisible and often misunderstood opponent. One day, on a whim, I tried painting and found a superpower that would change the course of my life forever. I have continued to paint my way to peace of mind ever since.

With my art and unconventional style, I bring a story and hope to a blank canvas. Through my creative process, I explore the illusion of mystery, intrigue, and inclusion. I feel incredibly fortunate that this superpower has taken me on an improbable journey. A journey I am committed to sharing with people around the globe through my painting, speaking, and workshops.

Now as the world turns its attention to those dressed to the nines for this weekend’s annual Academy Awards, the red carpet becomes the inspiration for my creativity. As the world gathers to celebrate the most creative in Hollywood, I turn to my own creative outlet – a paintbrush and a blank canvas. A place where anything is possible, and the only boundaries are those set by my own imagination.

red carpet
Red Carpet Thoughts

I begin my artist’s ritual by imagining myself in my most dapper outfit, a classic black tuxedo. I bring my mind back to the essence of yesteryear. A simpler time filled with class and dignity. A vision I see reflected on the red carpet. My creative process flows onto my canvas. I showcase movie stars in gowns and tuxedos, filled with glamour and hope. I think about the countless choices, sacrifices, and commitments they have made to rise to the top of their industry. I think about the ups and downs of showbiz, and the resilience that has been ingrained over time and has let them rise to their greatest potential.

It is a reminder of the resilience that each of us has been challenged with this year, and a testament to the power of the creative process to empower our souls. As I finish my painting, I am not focused on the product. I am focused on the peace of mind I have found knowing that I have not been alone in my struggles to persevere. I am lifted by the magic of creativity to provide an escape that is so often needed during challenging times.

As you tune into the Oscars this year, I hope you will join me in the opportunity to escape to your own “Red Carpet Thoughts” and find some peace of mind knowing that you are not alone.

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