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Kaku Nakhate
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Kaku Nakhate

If you’re looking to learn more about the women who have a hand in the financial and economic success of India’s corporations, you’ll definitely want to learn more about Kaku Nakhate. Her contributions to the finance industry are impressive and have helped to move major businesses forward.

What Is the Profession of Kaku Nakhate?

Kaku Nakhate Bank of America is the president and head of the Indian branch of this prestigious financial organization. She started her career with Bank of America in 1989. A biography of her indicates that she worked as the vice-chairperson for JP Morgan Asset Management before taking on her leadership role at Bank of America.

News on Kaku Nakhate

Entrepreneur Kaku Nakhate was the co-head of DSP Merrill Lynch and left the position in 2008 to lend her talents to JP Morgan. She also received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees with a specialty in commerce and finance from the University of Mumbai. Her Age is 51 and has a passion for introducing young girls to career options that will encourage their love for commerce, finance, and leadership.


Where was she born?

It is believed that Nakhate is from Mumbai since she received her college education and started her career there.

What is Kaku Nakhate net worth?

Nakhate’s exact net worth is not clear. However, the businesswoman was awarded a multi-million dollar bonus from Bank of America in 2010 and has likely increased her fortune significantly since then.

When did she start her career?

Nakhate started her career in 1989 when she became part of DSP Merrill Lynch Limited. In 2011, she was recognized as one of the Top 20 Women in Finance as a result of her hard work throughout her impressive career.