Key Fashion and Style Pieces for the Holidays

2 years ago / by Jordana Weiss

It’s no surprise that this year’s holiday celebrations are set to look quite different than they have in previous years. Instead of eating sweets, partying and dancing the night away with family and friends, we are all in separate households (or social pods), wishing we could be together.

Fortunately, just because huge group gatherings and in-person dinners are out does not mean you cannot enjoy holidays with your loved ones. We can still celebrate good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance even if we are temporarily separated. We just have to modify our expectations a bit.

Our Favorite Fashion Pieces for the Holidays

We love that this time of the year allows us to get dressed in our best clothes, showcasing the best pieces in our closet. Instead of getting frustrated that this year’s holiday celebration may look a bit different, let us focus on the positive. We can still dress in gorgeous saris, anarkalis, lehengas, and other formal clothes, and wear new jewelry and accessories.

Here are some of our favorite fashion and style pieces that are a must-have for this year’s holiday celebrations.

A Brilliantly Colored Outfit

The best outfits to celebrate the season’s explosion of colors, which we see in everything from decorations to sweets. There is a time and a place for somber, understated outfits – and this isn’t it! This year, if you do not already have a bright, cheerful sari, lehenga, or anarkali, invest in a gorgeous outfit that will last for years.

Start the search at a local Indian boutique, or scope out the work of high-end designers like Amit GT or Neeta Lulla. Their gorgeous outfits are made with the season’s newest colors and styles, including traditional and modern methods of embroidery done in stunning modern shades.

Heirloom Jewelry

The holidays are a fantastic time of year to look out heirloom jewelry and pick the best set to go with your new outfit. If you’re seeing family, it is always lovely for them to see the jewelry they have passed down actually being worn and appreciated.

If you do not have heirloom jewelry yet, it is never too early to buy your own. You can always treat yourself with the knowledge that you are starting a beautiful cycle by passing it on in time. We love the work we have seen from Divya Dasari, who operates Tarkshya Jewels. Dasari crafts beautiful heirloom pieces in traditional Hyderabadi, Kundan, and Navaratan styles that expertly detach into separate elements, so you can wear each individually.

Coordinated Family Outfits

If you’re going to be spending this much time at home with family, why not lean into it? Coordinate matching or complementary family outfits for the next holiday party you are invited to, whether in person or remote. Even if it is on Zoom, everyone else in the call will appreciate the care and attention you put into your family’s outfits.

Accessories That Match Traditional and Western Outfits

Women of the Indian diaspora are adept at mixing and matching Indian and Western-style garments into a unique style all their own. If you are planning a more low-key celebration this year, why not create an outfit that combines Indian accessories and jewelry with a sleek, elegant evening dress or even crisp T-shirt and jeans?

In this, we were inspired by Priyanka Chopra’s 2019 Karva Chauth pieces. For the initial festivities, she wore a deep red sari, accompanied by a simple mangalsutra and sindoor. Later, when she attended a Jonas Brothers concert, she traded her sari for a simple white T-shirt, but kept the traditional accessories.

A Beautiful Mask

Just because you should wear a mask in public does not mean you have to ruin your outfit. Shop around to find a mask made from recycled sari fabric, or decorated with beautiful embroidery. Etsy has a lot of stunning options, so you can find one to match every outfit.

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