Kimi Verma’s Fashion Designs and Acting Skills Take Our Breath Away

Dec/24/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Kimi Verma
Image credits: Naveed Ahmed via Unsplash

About Kimi Verma: Films, Appearances and Media Relations

If you watched Bollywood films in the early to mid-90s, you know that Kimi Verma was a household name around regions of India and South Asia. Although the profession of Kimi Verma has changed over the years, her role in Nasibo was unforgettable for movie lovers worldwide.

However, Verma’s acting prowess hasn’t diminished over the years. Within the last twelve years, Verma has played a role in Saheed Uddham Singh, Deh Shiva Bar Mohe, Jee Aayan Nu, Asa Nu Maan Watna Da: In Search of Our Roots, Mera Pind: My Home, Sat Sri Akal, Ik Kudi Punjab Di, Ajj De Ranjhe, Parvaaz: The Journey and, currently, Kimi is filming for LehmberGinni.

Kimi Verma Spouse

After 44 years of life, Verma maintains a lovely relationship with her husband, Vishal. Vishal is a respected and hardworking businessman who helps Kimi attain her dreams with motivational words of encouragement and wisdom. The couple wed in June of 2001, and their love has flowed since they tied the knot and said, “I do.”

Did Kimi Verma Participate In the Miss India Pageant?

The age of Kimi Verma has never held her back or taken away from her God-given beauty. In fact, Verma won the Miss India pageant held in the United States in 2019, beating out numerous Indian-born women to claim the crown. During the show, Kimi Verma expressed that her go-getter attitude and motivated demeanor come second to her internal need for family bonds and social relationships. Although most women in her position rest on their laurels, Verma uses her celebrity status to help those in need and promote worthwhile causes.

Where Is She Now?

When Verma isn’t staring in a movie, television show or making a cameo appearance, she spends her time flourishing in the business world. According to her personal profile, Kimi specializes in leading teams of people in marketing campaigns and helping businesses thrive in the digital world. More specifically, Verma has sold over $100MM worth of products and uses her impeccable design taste to create clothing lines for new clients and customers. If there’s one thing to be said about Verma, it’s that her will to succeed is unwavering and awe-inspiring.


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