Positive Weight Loss Mindset By Kimi Verma

Jun/08/2021 / by Kimi Verma


Here are some strategies to cultivate a positive weight loss mindset, using it to transform your mind and body.

Do you know some people give up before they even started their weight loss journey?

If you’re struggling with weight loss, you’ll probably say it’s because you lack willpower. In case you need a reminder: Willpower is not something that people are born with. Transforming your body is more about getting into the right and positive weight-loss mindset and recognizing that you have the ability and all the resources to get what you want.

Positive thinking also matters in weight loss because it pushes you to celebrate even your smallest wins and makes you feel like you’re achieving your dream with every positive action you take. These feelings increase your energy levels and boost your mood.

At the beginning of my consultation with my clients, I always work with them on cultivating their mindset for success for their health goals.

Here are seven strategies to cultivate self-belief and a positive weight loss mindset which is necessary for success:

1. Positive Weight Loss Mindset: Trust yourself

Truly believing in your ability to follow a balanced diet and exercise routine may go a long way toward pushing you to achieve your final goals. Experts often say that our perception is really our truth. If you believe you are happy and healthy, you will probably think and behave in a manner that takes you one step closer to good health and well-being.

2. Visualize your body as you wish it to be

You can use visualization as a tool to retrain your body to be slim and transformed. It makes your goal real, more than working out and cutting calories because it works from the inside out. Envisioning your ideal body may help you reach your goals with higher confidence.

Make sure that you specifically visualize how achieving the end results will affect other areas of your life like your relationship with yourself and others, work, health, etc. You think about all the good feelings and opportunities that may arise from being physically and mentally healthy.

3. Make positive weight loss affirmations

According to science, practicing positive affirmations daily reduce stress increases positive feelings and gives people a clear perspective of want they desire in life.

So technically speaking, you can use positive affirmations and take charge of your thoughts and life. It helps people break their addictions change bad habits, food choices, beliefs, and much more.

Here are some examples of positive affirmations for weight loss:

  • I can lose weight naturally.
  • I eat foods that are good for my health.
  • I am losing excess weight daily.
  • I eat mindfully.

4. Avoid self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors

Many people sabotage themselves unconsciously which prevents them from achieving things they’re after. These people know exactly what steps they need to take, but they can’t seem to do it. You feel like you could be a personal trainer and write a book on weight loss but you don’t act on it. This is because your mind is constantly chirping on self-destructive thoughts like “I’m a loser” or “I know I can’t be consistent with anything.”

These self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors make people incapable of achieving their life dreams.

5. Stop chasing perfectionism

If you are tired of chasing perfectionism and still don’t get the desired results, it’s time for you to stop chasing it. Most people who expect perfectionism have all-or-nothing thinking. These people would cancel their entire plan to exercise just because they get up at 7:45 a.m. instead of 7:30 a.m., or they’ll blow their diet because they overate at lunch.

Try to be kind to yourself and learn to accept flaws and setbacks. They are actually the opportunities to improve ourselves.

6. Positive weight loss mindset means thinking long term

Anyone who makes a change in their lifestyle to cut back fat won’t see immediate results on the weighing scale. Therefore, don’t expect too much yourself in the short term because it will only add stress to your life and you may start question your ability. Don’t back off because you don’t notice any visible changes in your figure, good things take time.

7. Be your own cheerleader for weight loss

I know it’s hard to be consistent when nobody claps for you. But is it an excuse to stop working on your goals? You need to become your own source of encouragement when others try to put you down. Be your own best friend and recall everything at the end of the day that you did “right.”

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