Know About Rupi Kaur The Famous Canadian Poet

Jul/10/2022 / by Swarnendu Biswas
Rupi Kaur
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Her Success in Verse

Rupi Kaur is a world-renowned Canadian poet. She is also an illustrator, photographer and a writer of prose. Rupi Kaur was born in Punjab but her family emigrated to Canada when she was only four.

She also performs her poetry on stage. Some of the important issues her poetic works explore are love, trauma, femininity, and migration.

While talking about Rupi Kaur it must be mentioned that one unique feature of writing of her is that her work is written exclusively in lowercase, to honor her mother tongue’s script Gurmukhi, which has no concept of separate lower and upper case.

She began performing poetry in 2009 and garnered huge popularity on Instagram. While writing the biography of Rupi Kaur it should be mentioned that she wrote, illustrated and self-published her first book named ‘milk and honey’ at the age of 21. It is a collection of her poetry and prose and illustrations. Initially it sold 10,000 copies and was a success but later when the book was re-released by Andrews McMeel Publishing in 2015, after Rupi Kaur attained fame in social media, milk and honey went on to become a blockbuster of sorts.

By 2017, her maiden book had sold 2.5 million copies and was translated into 25 languages. Till today milk and honey has been translated into 42 languages. Poet Rupi Kaur wrote her second book of poetry in 2017, which is named the sun and her flowers.

By 2020, the sun and her flowers sold over a million copies and was translated into several languages. Her third and latest poetry collection titled home body, was released on 17th November 2020. The book also featured illustrations done by Rupi Kaur and it went on to become one of the best-selling books of 2020. 

She is undoubtedly a rich lady but there is no authentic source about the net worth of Rupi Kaur.

She did also self-produce a poetry special titled Rupi Kaur Live in April 2021, which comprises poetry readings and anecdotes accompanied by visuals and music. By August of the last year, the poetry special was released on Amazon Prime in a limited capacity.

FAQs about Rupi Kaur

What is Rupi Kaur’s poetry book milk and honey about?

She explored silence, abuse, womanhood, family and personal power among other issues through her first book milk and honey. The book is demarcated into four sections–hurting, loving, breaking, and healing.

How many poems have she written?

One cannot be sure how many poems she has written so far but she has three collections of poetic works published till now.

Who is she married to?

According to the latest news available she is single.

When did she started writing poems?

She began writing poems from a very young age but in 2009 she first began performing poetry. In that year, she emerged before public at large as a poet. She was only 17 then. Born on 5th October 1992, the age of Rupi Kaur is 29 years.