Komal Ahmad Revolutionizes Food Waste – Here’s What She’s Done

Apr/10/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Komal Ahmed
Image credits: Siegfried Poepperl via Unsplash

When it comes to seeing the needs of others who are hungry, all it took was one chat with a hungry veteran who hadn’t eaten in three days. His heartfelt story and seeing the people’s needs made Komal Ahmad go from a med school student to an entrepreneur.

Who is Komal Ahmad?

Biography of Komal Ahmad

Komal Ahmad was on her way to becoming a medical doctor. During her years as a med student at the University of California, Berkley, she noticed many things that could change for the good.

In a “chance” encounter with a homeless man who had also been a war veteran returned from a second tour in Iraq, she was intrigued but saddened by his story. The vet was homeless and waiting for his benefits to become available. He hadn’t eaten in three days and was begging in the street.

Komal felt drawn and compelled to learn more about the man and invited him to have lunch with her. At the same time, her world was about to change too. This sparked an idea of hope and change in the heart of Komal and the foundations of Copia was conceived.

What is Copia?

Copia is an app that connects businesses and non-profit organizations to hungry people. The app works similarly to ordering food online, except it sends quality excess food to the channels that need it most without wastage.

Komal Ahmad’s Achievements and Beyond

Komal Ahmad CEO of Copia, has a goal and a vision for the company to “solve the world’s dumbest problems.” The problem is hunger and food wastage through logistics. She has also received numerous awards for her work. Some include the Forbes 30 under 30 awards, MIT Solver, Nelson Mandela Humanitarianism Award, 30 under 30 Global Food Changemaker and Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award and lots more.


Who is Komal Ahmad married to?

Details about Komal’s personal life is unknown at this stage. We know that she is a very busy entrepreneur who positively impacts many people’s lives.

Where was Komal Ahmad born?

Komal was born in Pakistan, Lahore. She and her family had moved to Nevada, Las Vegas, early in her young life.

What is Komal Ahmad’s net worth?

We’re not clear on the exact net worth of entrepreneur and visionary Komal Ahmad, but Copia managed to make 4.9M USD in 2021. The company also helps businesses save. In one instance, it saved businesses 14M USD and fed over 2 million folks.

When did she start her career?

She started her med school studies soon after high school, but the career change came at age 26 when she founded Copia.

Conclusion to Who Komal Ahmad is 

She found a way to help people despite not completing her medical studies, allowing her to help people. She found another way. With her Copia initiative, she is touching the lives of many and reducing hunger and food waste throughout the world.

Positive news on her inspires young women and thriving entrepreneurs to make a change in the world.

You can learn more about Komal Ahmad and her Copia initiative on the website.


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