Lady of many firsts

Sadaf Jaffer
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Sadaf Jaffer is an academician, legislator and an activist from the US. The news on Sadaf Jaffer discloses that she is a member of the New Jersey General Assembly, representing District 16

News on Sadaf Jaffer attracted headlines in 2019 when she achieved the distinction of being the first South Asian woman to serve as Mayor of a municipality in New Jersey. With that she also became the first Muslim woman to serve as the Mayor of a municipality in the United States.

Success in Politics

In 2017, the legislator with interest in activism and politics was first elected to Montgomery’s Township Committee, followed by two one-year terms as Mayor of Montgomery Township, a township located in the southern Somerset County of New Jersey.

She thereafter contested for New Jersey General Assembly representing District 16 in the recent past, on the ticket of Democratic Party, and won the seat, thereby becoming the first Asian American woman to be part of the New Jersey Legislature. This information about Sadaf Jaffer should be covered by anyone wanting to write a biography of Sadaf Jaffer. She along with Roy Freiman won the general election though she trailed in votes initially. She assumed this prestigious office on 11th January 2022. Her term ends on 9th January 2024.

Academically Inclined

Sadaf is presently serving as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in South Asian Studies at Princeton University. In this capacity, she disseminates teaching on courses in South Asian, Islamic, and Asian American Studies. If one were to ask what is the profession of Sadaf Jaffer, the apt answer would be that she is an academician as well as a legislator.

She did her education from Latin School of Chicago, from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and Harvard University. Sadaf did her PhD from Harvard University.

From her website we can come to know that Sadaf Jaffer was one of the founding members of Inspiring South Asian American Women (ISAAW), a group that is dedicated to encouraging civic engagement among South Asian American women in New Jersey.


Who is Sadaf Jaffer married to?

She is married to Daniel Sheffield, an Assistant Professor at Princeton University.

Where was she born?

While going into the background of Sadaf Jaffer one can come to know that she was born in Chicago to Muslim immigrant parents. Her mother was born in Pakistan and her father was born in Yemen. She was born on 19th February 1983. The age of her is 38 years.

What is her net worth?

There is no authentic information in public domain about the net worth of Sadaf Jaffer.

When did she start her career?

She began her career fairly early, in 1999, as a Counselor.