Leading An Example, Upendra Chivukula Inspires South Asians All Over The US and The World

May/31/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Upendra Chivukula
Image credits: Jason Blackeye via Unsplash

Upendra Chivukura is making positive changes in office in his local county of New Jersey. With a gleaming portfolio in community and service through politics for over 25 years, he helps create convenience for entrepreneurs, kids in schools, the public and more.

As one of few South Asians in office, he is an inspiration to many. Now he continues to serve his community on the Public Utilities Board since 2014 and is helping to implement positive change.

Upendra Chivukura About

Upendra Chivukura biography: Upendra was born and raised in India. At age 24, he moved to America as a student and on his own. He is a qualified electrical engineer with a B.E.E from the College of Guindy India. Upendra also later obtained an M.E.E in electrical engineering from the City College of New York.

Upendra has always been proactive in his political career and has a strong character behind positive change. Before becoming the commissioner, Upendra Chivukura was a member of the Franklin Township Council from 1997 until 2005. He later ran and won a place as the mayor of the township and implemented many changes that benefited the township and its surroundings.

Upendra Chivukura started serving in the New Jersey State Assembly in 2002. In 2013 Chivukura was re-elected to the New Jersey General Assembly for District 17. In 2014 he ran for New Jersey’s District 12, but he lost against Bonnie Watson Coleman, who had 43% of the votes, while Chivukura managed 21.8%.

Although he represented the assembly for nearly 12 years, he left in 2014. The next venture Upendra tackled was something close to his heart since he was also an electrician by trade. Upendra Chivukura has been serving on the New Jersey Public Utilities board from 2014 after leaving the NJ General Assembly that same year.

What was on Upendra’s Agenda Before Politics?

Before politics, Upendra also worked as a consultant for Web Team Corp, as a director for Siratech international and a senior director for Compucom Global Solutions.

Upendra Chivukura’s profession before politics also included being a Senior Product Planner at Microelectronics for American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) Incorporated.

Some implemented changes Upendra installed and revised for the better

  • Some of the legislations revised by Chivukura included hate crimes and bullying and established a commission on bullying in schools.
  • The tax was also revised, which exempts new small businesses from paying these taxes. He decreased corporate tax across all corporate channels in the region.
  • Affordable housing to be built towards green housing standards while not increasing the purchase price exuberantly.


Upendra Chivukula received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Awardin 2022.

Fun Facts

Upendra Chivukula profession does not only include politics, but he has also co-authored or written over five books. Some books include The Third Way.

Upendra Chivukula is fluent in six languages, and his star sign is Libra.

FAQ about Upendra Chivukula

Who is Upendra Chivukula married to?

Upendra Chivukura is married to Dayci Hernendez

Where was Upendra Chivukura born?

Upendra was born in Nellore, India.

What is Upendra Chivukula’s net worth?

In 2019, Chivukula was estimated at $100-$1M.

When did Upendra Chivukula start his career?

Upendra began his career in politics in 1997 when he became a member of the Franklin Township council. He is qualified in engineering.

How old is Upendra Chivukula?

Upendra is probably about 67 years old.

Who won Upendra Chivukula in the 2014 election for NJ District 12?

Bonnie W Coleman beat Upendra with 43% of the votes.

Conclusion: Upendra Chivukula

When it comes to leading by example, Upendra stands tall as one of few South Asian men in US politics. He sets a healthy example and listens to the community’s needs servicing the people via the New Jersey Public Utilities Board.

Does Upendra Chivukula inspire you? Tell us your thoughts on the work he does for the community.