positive weight loss mindset

Positive Weight Loss Mindset By Kimi Verma

Here are some strategies to cultivate a positive weight loss mindset, using it to transform your mind and body. Do you know some people give up before they even started their weight…


Forecast with Farzana from the June 2021 Issue

ARIES  March 21 – April 19 ⁠Expect financial security, power and fulfillment. With power comes the need to control; and with money, the need to define ownership. It is time to put…


Wine Picks for Your Memorial Day Barbecue

Memorial Day Weekend is here which means precisely one thing – it’s the start of barbecue season. No proper barbecue is complete without refreshments and while beer is great with a bit…


All the Rosés of the Summer

Sure, we love our rich reds and zesty white wines, but is there anything more synonymous with summer than a chilled bottle of rosé? Those longer days and balmy evenings seem to…


Make the Most of Your RV Vacation

With some hope that the pandemic waves will recede, an RV vacation offers the freedom, flexibility and relative safety to go forth into the world again.

global warming

Heading Off Global Warming Post-Pandemic

Developing nations are fighting climate change and global warming – because they are at the most risk from its effects. But what happens post-pandemic?


Indulge in Some Personal Spring Cleaning

Spring generally means warmer temperatures, more sun, and the promise of a new chapter. It can be an apt time to reevaluate your daily routines and recalibrate your physical and mental drive…