flower box

A Time for Flower Boxes

That is where summer décor is at its most lively, sometimes a window sill just screams for a flower box, who are we to not reward it?



Everything magical and good happens between June and August – the months of summer, the season of sun, sand and sea!

Summer is also synonymous with holidays, endless days of fun, parties and get-togethers where we take a break from work to bond with family and friends. While a good time to go off on a vacation, there is nothing like spending time with loved ones at home. And there, no space is better than the deck to soak in the outdoors. Here are some easy and quick ways to give your deck a makeover for the summer.

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Wall Décor to Refresh Your Space

A clutch of ideas to better frame your interiors, here are a few options for ways to jazz up your space for a whole new home


Flower Power in the Home

Your living spaces get new life with the inclusion of floral elements. Flowers aren’t just for women, y’know.