Lighting up Lives With Diwali Gifts

Nov/11/2020 / by Anita Rao Kashi

The best part of any festival, especially one like Diwali, is undoubtedly the gifting. It is also the toughest part sometimes, as scrambling to get or personalize unique gifts can get onerous. It could also swing the other way and leave one spoiled for choice, and confused about what to pick.

If that’s the state of affairs during a normal Diwali, the task is harder during the pandemic. But rather than letting it put a pall on the festivities, it is better to hark back to the essence of Diwali: hope and well-being.

While the virus has stymied so many things, Diwali is the ideal time to spread cheer and send thoughtful gifts to friends and family. Of course, all this while remaining socially distanced. So the toss up is between getting useful Diwali gifts or unique ones. These are some suggestions to make both the giver and the receiver happy.

It looks like some things are going to define the new normal, such as wearing masks, using sanitizers, washing hands with soap several times a day, and cleaning down surfaces obsessively. While there are too many masks to choose from, if you are feeling large-hearted, then do explore picking up mask sets which also serve philanthropy.

A far more indulgent idea, while also driving a sustainable lifestyle, is the phenomenon of handmade soaps, which make for useful Diwali gifts. While at it, why not opt for some personalization as well.

“Cinnamon Soul believes that beauty and the pleasures of indulgence can go hand-in-hand with living a non-toxic lifestyle,” says Cinnamon Soul founder Nidha Adeni. “Our line consists of luxury body oils, handcrafted soaps, gentlemen’s skincare products, as well as a new line for expecting mothers. While we offer thoughtfully created gifting bundles for the festive season, these can be customized to fit the needs of individual clients as well.”


A similar option is Verth India, a platform for sustainable products, including a range of handmade soaps.

“Handmade soaps are luxurious and functional at the same time,” says Shreya Kothari, who founded the company with Renata Millett.” They make a perfect gift for any occasion. The aroma and natural flavors add to the festivity. They are also pretty and please everyone. They have a personal touch and are more meaningful than the usual dry fruits and celebration boxes.”

Color Me Beautiful

Cosmetics make for the best gifting ideas not just during Diwali but year round. The tried and tested might be a safe bet, but why not look around for unique products such as sustainable or vegan cosmetics, or even products designed specifically for each person?

Sabrina Suhail set up Tinge, India’s first experiential and bespoke cosmetic brand, introducing the concept of blending different colors to produce an effect right for just that customer. Tinge’s range includes eye pencils, foundation, lip balms, lip scrubs, liquid matte lipsticks, shade sticks, and unique and evocative Diwali gift sets.

Festive Lighting

Anything to do with lights is a default choice during Diwali. But that is no cause for despair. There are so many entrepreneurs designing unusual and offbeat products that the buyer is spoiled for choice. From exquisite handcrafted ceramic diyas to beautiful silver lamps to spice-scented candles, the choices are humongous. If you want added zing, you have not just beautifully crafted diffusers but a plethora of aromatic oils to infuse the home with enchanting fragrances.

“It’s common to gift dry-fruits, mithai and chocolates during Diwali,” says Neha Nagpal of Kolour Theory. “Why not think out-of-the-box and gift something unique. Kolour Theory candles are one of a kind. They look like desserts, making it the perfect Diwali gift.”

Creative in the Kitchen

A big shift the pandemic has brought about it is the enormous chunks of time everyone is spending in kitchens. There has been a groundswell of interest in cooking, and Facebook alone saw a huge surge of pages dedicated to sharing recipes, tips and hacks. There are some very unique ideas coming up for gifts that find their home in the kitchen.

Simple appliances like spiralizers, handy choppers and garlic presses make for useful Diwali gifts and also suggest the giver is aware of the receiver’s needs. These gizmos are nifty, come in trendy models, and make for useful kitchen tools.

For the gourmand who not only loves trying recipes from everywhere, there are several great cookbooks out there, some of which were even released during the pandemic. There is a huge range of them to pick from, all beautifully designed and sporting great pictures. Ideally opt for something that goes beyond mere recipes, like Natasha Celmi’s “Fast. Fresh. Flavourful.”


Exquisite crockery from studios and boutique stores also make for unique Diwali gifts.
“These unprecedented times call for conscious Diwali buying,” says Sonali Sharma of Nugu Handmade, which she set up with Sumanth Sampath. “Nugu’s sustainably made bespoke dinnerware creations are a perfect gift for the discerning people who value good design, ethical making, and contemporary handcrafting.”

This list only scratches the surface of the gifting options out there. But, hopefully, it will provide a starting point from which one’s imagination can really take off, to ensure you have a unique set of Diwali gifts that is just right for everyone you know.


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