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Mar/22/2022 / by Bharti Pankaj
HBO Shows
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HBO has created a separate recognition in the entertainment world. That’s why whenever it comes to streaming the best of shows, HBO always tops the chart. Not just that, but with the wave of HBO Max, there is a never-ending array of phenomenal performances. Well, without wasting any further time, let’s come to the point. Here in this post you are going to get the list of best shows on HBO max that are worth watching. So, stay glued till the end and mark out your full-fledged dose of entertainment now.

Gossip Girl

Highlighting the deepest ever truths of Teenage life, Gossip Girl leaves you in an immense shock with every episode. Especially if you are a forever fan of this series, you should not feel nervous about giving it a try to HBO Max for the latest episodes. The tale attends a good twist when the lives of Serena, Nate, Blair and Chuck tangle unexpectedly. All in all, the glamorous comforts of privileged teens and dramatic plot situation makes Gossip Girl a complete package in every possible sense.

Game of Thrones

Some of you may love this series while the rest may be wondering why Game of Thrones made it through this list. It is because this show has a legacy and the fan following is massive. Even if you have not seen the show, you may have heard or read several fan theories or experienced the hype of this show every time a new season was about to release. Now that all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones are airing on HBO, this is the perfect time to start this show. See for yourself what the craze is all about!

Mare of Easttown

At times you must watch the series filled with crime’s plot, but have you ever imagined what actually works behind the notion of crime? Yes, commendably portraying the dark sides of humanity, Mare of Easttown is the most sensational fictional work that you have ever come across. On top of everything, the class apart detective skills of Kate Winslet makes Mare of Easttown completely worth your weekend. Precisely, this show portrays the threads of mental illness, trauma, grief and a lot more. In other words, you can definitely call it a murder mystery that clearly knits the Psychology’s framework.

Search Party

Are you all set to drop your jaws off while laughing? Well, that’s something that can possibly happen while watching Search Party. Filled with all the required funny thrill, Search Party is a search journey that leaves no gap to breathe through the hilarious punches. However, it first came on TBS but now it’s officially available on HBO Max. For every obvious reason, you will never regret for a second while going through Brooolyn’s group out for a search party. Hence, you can label the mentioned pick as one of the best shows on max.

Catherine The Great

Helen Miren is the name that signifies the goals of playing historical female leaders and she does the same justice with the role of Catherine. Focussed on being a class apart Russian political hit, Catherine The Great is nothing less than a milestone in the world of entertainment. If you wish to peep into a wondrous world of politics loaded with countless loopholes and still manage to attract the audience’s attention, then Catherine The Great needs to be there on your home screen. Also, while watching this series, you won’t regret paying your subscription fees for HBO max.

His Dark Material

If you never wish to come out from the same fever of Game of Thrones, then His Dark Materials is waiting exclusively for you. Yes, here you might be throwing a right guess that this piece of art knocks straight from the novel of Phillip Pullman. Not just that, but it even follows the exact same title. Lyra searches for a kidnapped mate and reveals a threatening plot that later falls into the tragedy of stolen kids. Without the slightest ray of doubt, this series on HBO Max will keep you tied with its heart wracking twists and turn. Furthermore, you can choose His Dark Material to fill your brain with some quality entertainment.


Everything was going perfectly in the life of Grace and Jonathan Fraser, but one day all of a sudden, life takes the reverse take when a woman named Elena dies and Jonathan holds accused of her murder. Well, but who is the real killer in this rare in a million series is the matter to find. Wait no further; if it’s been a long while for a tight thriller, Undoing is your one-go answer for sure. More than that, the viscous waves of suspense won’t allow you to stand up from your couch even for a second. There is no confusion that Undoing is one of the HBO Max best shows.

The Flight Attendant

Here comes a must-watch for every Kaley Cuoco’s fan since her performance simply nailed it in The Flight Attendant. Bringing a terrific blend of humour and drama ‘The Flight Attendant’ would work as a fader on all your worries. The plot goes on a roller-coaster ride when she finds a dead body beside her. Now, what happens next is on you to find out. Basically, The Flight Attendant is a light-hearted series that holds all point for clever scriptwriting. What else do you wish for in the name of full-package one when The Flight Attendant is here at your cup of choice.

Somebody Somewhere

Remarkably spotlighting the life-struggle of womanhood in the late 30’s Somebody Somewhere is a heart-touching series of a 40-year lady Sam. The tale focuses on her adjustments in the hometown called, Kansan. But how she deals with the community mindsets is the thing to explore for sure. Especially if you search for a show that is totally different from the mainstream entertainment standards, then Somebody Somewhere needs to be there in your list. Clearly, it is the best show on hbo max.

The Wire

The Wire shows the drug-infested streets of Baltimore through the eyes of the law and drug dealers. The series throws light on how corrupted the system is from the bureaucracy, schools, media, and the government. Once you watch the characters, it will become tough for you to forget them for a very long time. As the story unfolds, it will force you to think about the broken system and some unrealistic ways to repair it. This drama is a story of people who fight for their dreams, ambitions while also fighting the system at the same time.


The next mention in the list of top-rated HBO Shows series is undoubtedly, Barry. It is a classic comedy and drama series that revolves around Barry. A low-level hitman wants a way out when he comes to Los Angeles and finds himself interested in the arts and theatre. While following his target into an acting class, he instantly feels attracted and vibes with the other hopeful students. Sally, a fellow student in the acting class, becomes a point of particular interest for Barry. He wants to quit everything and start his acting career, but this is not so easy. Barry’s handler has some other plans and will not let go of his past criminal activities. Check out this series, you will surely like it.


After a publicly embarrassing incident, Amy Jellicoe, a successful face of the corporate world, wants to reinvent her world and herself. She is her worst enemy and made many wrong choices that led to a nervous breakdown. Amy goes to Hawaii to a treatment centre for three months, where she finds new meaning in life. When she returns home, she finds out that her new life is unacceptable to her family members, coworkers and friends. Amy has a chance to overcome her self destructive nature and make choices that will truly make her happy. Incredible, isn’t it?


The Roy family has the most extensive media and entertainment company in the world. When the father steps down from the position of authority, a battle of who will be the next head of the company starts. This drama is one of the finest comedies that you will ever see. While the father is kind of a bully, the rest of the family is merely “weird”. Succession is a satirical drama that shows how a family fights for power and the manipulation as well as mind games that come with it. Add this to your watch list right now because you are missing a lot!


Wait a while if you are in search of the best HBO Shows series then Veep is one of the most deserving picks. Julia, the Vice President of the United States, Selina Meyer, finds out that her new job is nothing that she expected. Several people warned her about the job and it turned out to be exactly like that. Be it missing documents, squeaky shoes or putting out political fires, whatever the Meyer does backfires. From balancing her private life, improving her terms with the chief executive to keeping up with her public schedule, Veep has to do it all. It is a comedy that also throws light on the political situations behind the scenes.

Sex and the city

This series is about four women in their late 30s and 40s living their life and career in Manhattan. Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte are the story’s main characters. See how fascinating and adventurous these women’s love and sex lives are. Each character brings a certain sense of balance to the show. The show was instead a bold one for the time when it got released. Sex and the city has given some of the most iconic scenes and dialogues to the history of TV that will never be forgotten.

The Sopranos

Tony, the main character of the show, juggles between balancing his personal life and his criminal organisation. He often mentions his regret to Jennifer, his therapist,  of not making a Varsity athlete. The Sopranos is a story about Tony, his family members, his mafia colleagues and the business rivals. The show is known widely for giving the best counselling sessions to people. Apart from that, the ending is quite controversial and remarkable at the same time. But, keep in mind that it is not a show to binge-watch as you have to take the seasons one at a time.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

A great house, good friends, a lovely wife and a successful career, Larry David has got it all. What is it then that is still bothering him about his life? Larry takes a new approach to life with his witty and wry humour. You will see everything in this show, from relatability comedy to something to think about in life. See how David invites some strangers and celebrities to a playground to play. The loose storylines and strong characters will keep you stuck to this show until it ends. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a fresh series and not conventional at all.

Boardwalk Empire

This prohibition drama set up in the Atlantic City is a place where there are no rules. Enoch Nucky Thompson is the ruler of this city and is also a politician and a gangster. With the help of his brother and some trusted friends, he became famous for illegal alcohol. As his reputation becomes bolder, he partners with some big names and the top gangsters. Things were going well until a former enemy knocked on the doors of Nucky’s business and took matters into his own hands. With five seasons airing on HBO, each one is equally thrilling.

Silicon Valley

Loosely inspired by the experiences of Mike Judge when he was trying to make it as a Silicon Valley engineer in the 80s, this is one of the finest dramas that you need to watch right now. From consistent laughs, lighthearted settings to relevant scenarios, the show successfully did it all. With its six-season run, the show reached out to a large audience, no matter if they were tech-savvy or not. This is the best show on hbo max as it has a good storyline, character development and most importantly a warm ending that you all deserve to watch.

Six Feet Under

This American TV drama that had its course for five seasons won several awards, including the Emmy award. Six Feet Under is one of the best HBO shows that tells the story of a dysfunctional family who runs an independent funeral home. The characters live among the deaths of people while they strive to ground themselves with the reality of life. Moreover, the show is not afraid to portrayal death and other sensitive topics with sophistication, humour and wit. The fan base of this show only increased with every season and you will see exactly why.


This groundbreaking series is one of the must-watch HBO shows. Looking is a story about three gay men who are living and loving in the city of San Francisco. What people love the most about this show are its simplicity and authenticity. The series is a comedy but just in the right amount and the characters’ performances are phenomenal. With two seasons and one finale movie, this LGBTQ+ story is beautiful in every aspect. Looking is the perfect blend of relevance, intricacy of life and some things to ponder. From the cinematography to aesthetics, the show is perfect.

Eastbound and Down

Kenny, a former baseball star, returns to his home after substance abuse and offensive behaviour that finishes his career. To get things back on track, he takes a job as a Physical Education teacher in a middle school where he was once a student. Shortly after that, he gets another chance at a baseball league and he also woos the locals before going back to the US. Kenny thinks he has changed, but only time and circumstances will tell that. With absurd plus incredible twists in the story, this is one of the outstanding HBO series of all time.


Loosely inspired by the life of Pete Holmes, Crashing is about a divorced man who gives stand up comedy a shot. From Jim Norton to Sarah Silverman, several famous guests are on this show. You will find Pete on a new comedian’s couch in every episode. This HBO series is inspiring, hilarious, and emotional at the same time. Also, this series is three seasons long, so you can binge-watch on the weekend. The episodes follow the career of Pete and how he finally takes off after several struggles and hardships.

The Comeback

Valerie Cherish, who was once an A list actress, is not a D list actress. Along with being unemployed, she is married and people hardly recognise her anymore. In order to make a comeback, Valerie is now documenting with a two-person crew to share her experiences, trials, triumphs and more. This comedy series is an inside glance at the entertainment industry. With the first season’s premiere in 2005, the second one came out in 2014 because of its fan base and popularity. Be it comedy, dark humour to straight truths about the industry; this show has all of it.

True Blood

Up next, True Blood is not an ordinary story about humans, vampires and the horrors that come with it. True Blood is an addicting show that will keep you engaged till the very last episode. Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress in a small town, recently meets with a vampire. Although vampires have been here since the very beginning, they just came out of their coffins. Sookie falls in love with Bill, her first vampire encounter and experiences the adventurous life of vampires. She learns that people are not always what they seem to be. If you are looking for great HBO shows, this is a must-watch.

Vice Principals

Danny McBride and Walton Goggins are co-vice principals of North Jackson high school. While one is ill-tempered and disliked, the other co vice-principal likes to scheme and is a borderline sociopath. Both of them are fighting for the position of the principal but when the principal retires, he announces that he does not trust either of the vice principals. Brought to you by the creative team of Eastbound, this is the best HBO series if you are looking for something comedy. Right from the start to the end, the show is light-hearted and gives a wholesome experience.

True Detective HBO Shows

Rust Cohle and Martin Hart are Louisiana State Police detectives who came together to revisit a case they worked on back in 1995. Fast forward to the present day, 2012, both detectives indulge in separate investigations while they are once again solving the same case. This time, they learn new secrets and the darkness present on either side of the law. Season 1 is truly the best of this show and the story gets better as it unfolds in further seasons. Add this to your watchlist to enjoy an excellent crime show.

The Newsroom

A newsroom changes its way of working when a new team joins. They try to portray the need of ethics and show real-life events that happened at that time. For instance, NSA spying and Bin Laden’s encounter were some popular topics back then that are present in the show. With rational guidelines and reasonable justifications, the Newsroom tries to change how they portray news to the public. Alongside, the series throws light on the personal relationships among the team members. The Newsroom tells a lot about the importance of journalism and how it can be done right.


Euphoria is the life story of a 17-year-old who just came back from rehab and is already looking for more drugs. Jules, a transgender girl in search of her true identity; Nate, a guy with sexual insecurities and temper issues. Chris, a high school football star who finds it difficult to adjust to college life; Cassie, who cannot forget her sexual past; and Kat, a body-conscious girl confused about her identity, are the show’s main characters. Euphoria focuses on the daily routines of these teens exploring love, sex and other life aspects.

Angels in America

If you are looking for a unique series, you simply cannot miss this one out of your list. Angels in America is based on Prior, whose world is shaken after testing positive for AIDS. On the other hand, his partner receives a job letter from a very conservative icon. This news is a test of their relationship. With six episodes, one hour each, the series will take you on a beautiful journey. Additionally, everything about this series is breathtaking, be it cinematography, characters, or scriptwriting. Binge watch the show on a weekend and feel the words of the story.

I May Destroy You

The story follows the journey of Arbella Isla, a funny, witty and excellent London writer who partied too hard one night. She has few memories of getting drugged and being raped by a stranger, but she initially discards such thoughts. Sooner or later, she has to come to terms with the reality and accept the things that took place that night. Arabella’s journey of acceptance starts, but now she is reconsidering every aspect of her life. The healing process of Arabella is genuinely incredible and makes the show remarkable. Without any doubt, it is one of the top hbo max original shows, which is worth watching.


An epic comedy-drama that follows the life of girls who are 20 something. Hannah is an aspiring writer, Jessa and Shoshanna are cousins, whereas Marnie is an art gallery assistant. From awkward moments to cringe-worthy incidents, the six seasons of Girls have it all. Not everyone may be able to relate to this show because it is not quite diverse and the storyline is a hit or miss. However, the show is top-rated among teens who know the similar struggles of day to day life.

High Maintenance

The story is about a weed delivery guy who sometimes goes to the apartments of the clients or meets them at cross paths. High Maintenance is a comedy-drama that tells about the lives of various New York residents as their common thread is the weed guy. “The Guy” shall remain nameless as he delivers weed on a bicycle in New York City. With realistic allure and a low budget, the series has its true essence with respect to the storyline. If you are done with dealing with the hard on heart shows then High Maintenance will revamp your mood.

Big Love

Bill Henrickson is a husband and a father, but he has three wives and nine children. Other than this, he has to maintain three homes, fulfil the family’s needs, look after his casino business, and meet his political interests. No other show normalised polygamy like Big Love and the story is indeed binding. The character development is amazing and the series does not get boring or too much at any point. Handling his wives, taking care of his brother who always exports money from him and keeping polygamy a secret from the neighbours is certainly tough.

The Righteous Gemstones

Here arrives one of the spectacular series, which revolves around a family of televangelists and megachurch pastors. Danny McBride is behind this ultra-popular comedy show that has won several hearts. Dr. Eli Gemstone is famous and has three adult children who are lousy and clumsy. Jesse, one of his children, is on the verge of destroying this legacy and education of their family when he receives an unknown call. With two seasons, this show is humorous with a great storyline. You won’t be able to stop binge-watching this show once you start it.

South Side

Set in the Englewood area of Chicago, the story follows two friends who are fresh graduates trying to become entrepreneurs. Finding comedy and humour in this dangerous area of the country is quite rare, but the show portrayed it wonderfully. On the way to becoming successful, they are stuck at Rent-T-Own where the worlds of misfits and microserfs cross paths. From depicting the city life beautifully to the hustle of these youngsters is truly refreshing. Without any doubt, you have to give this binge-worthy show a chance that is full of wit and satire.

The Other Two

Moving on, the next max series is the perfect example of how the Internet culture can be absurd. Brooke, a former professional dancer and his brother, an aspiring actor, are coping with the overnight fame of their 13-year-old brother. The Other Two is a comedy series that shows the story of three siblings and their widowed mother. Chase, the famous teen celebrity, learns about the ups and downs of fame. Also, the family is dealing with the death of a loved one makes it more powerful.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Although this is not a new HBO series, the show still stays relevant after three decades of its release. Will’s mom sends him away from the rough neighbourhood to live with his Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian in the Bel-Air Mansion. This sitcom is heartwarming, addicting and you will not stop until you watch all six seasons. Moreover, the series is the kind that makes you want to sing along with the theme song and rewatch the seasons over and over. The show has a massive fan following and you can see why!


If you love Hollywood stories then you will love this HBO max series. Vincent Chase is an upcoming actor and the show focuses his story from a Mentos commercial to an A-line actor. He asks his friends from childhood in Native America to join him. Male friendships, the life of LA and the charms of being an actor are perfectly visible in the shows. This comedy series is a must-watch for you because it excels in every aspect. From Queens to actors to producers to finding the best movie for Vincent, the story of Vincent and his friends is amazing.

Lovecraft Country

Set in the US in the 1950s, an African American searches for her missing father. This supernatural and horror drama is all things good and one of the best shows on HBO max. The hype after season 1 of Lovecraft Country is insane. Based on Matt Ruff’s novel Lovecraft Country, the bars for this series are set too high. Moreover, some viewers argue that this show should not have any further seasons because this season peaked.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an adult comedy animated series based on a genius scientist who performs experiments by dragging his grandson across the universe. It has to be one of the best shows on HBO max because it is witty, humorous and absurd at the same time. With four seasons available on HBO, this binge-worthy show will have you hooked in front of the screen. Be it quick and dark jokes, cringe incidents or sci-fi comedy, the show is a blend of silly elements. While not everyone may like the show’s humour, it is still a big hit.

Happy Endings

Follow the story of six best friends living in Chicago and their dysfunctional lives. The mentioned sitcom is not an ordinary comedy show with some jokes here and there. It is one of the best HBO max shows of all time. Alex, a shop owner; Dave, Alex’s ex-fiance, a food truck owner; Brand and Jane, husband and wife and Penny, unemployed and in search of love, are the show’s main characters. With three HBO max original show seasons streaming on HBO, the show is funny, relatable, warm and light-hearted. Lastly, Happy Endings is a show that you wish, goes on forever for all the perky elements.

The O.Ryan Atwood

O.Ryan Atwood is a story of a gifted yet troubled young  who gets adopted by a wealthy family. Ryan and his foster brother explore their relationship with the world around them while also fighting out the scene with their neighbourhood girl, Marissa Cooper. This teenage drama is among the best HBO max shows because of the unique storyline, character development and pop culture reference. With a huge fan following, the show was the most popular in 2003-2004. It still stays relevant to the new audience and always has positive reviews from the critics. However, after running successfully for four seasons on HBO, the show went discontinued.

The White Lotus

The mentioned series may not instantly connect with some of you, but the story grows on you. With a murder mystery in the show, the twists will genuinely surprise you till the very end. The White Lotus is a paradise location where people come to have the best time of their lives. However, this week’s guests are quite different, and the staff does not expect several things from them. The shocking exploitation at the end provides an unexpected climax to The White Lotus.


Issa and Molly, the two female protagonists, are best friends since their college days at Stanford. They struggle with their internal growth while also exploring the world. In their late 20s, both the women live in their hometown and have their fair share of experiences. This African American friendship is very entertaining. Also, the show throws light on some disturbing social issues like racial discrimination and how black people still have to make a place for themselves in society. With a total of five seasons, this is indeed one of the best romantic comedies available on HBO right now.


April 26, 1986, was a dark day in the history of Ukraine; a Chernobyl nuclear power plant had a malfunction. This led to the explosion of reactor four and became the worst nuclear meltdown in human history.  of the Soviet Union to the downfall of Communism; see how the officials try to keep the truth from the public. With a lead scientist trying to control the disaster, a nuclear physicist working hard to uncover the reality and the political interests that make chaos in the city, the show will send a chill down your spine.

Big Little Lies

This show is a perfect example of how the wealthy and successful husbands, their wives, beautiful children and gorgeous homes contain their own secrets. As a murder occurs in Monterey, the story unfolds and exposes the broken relationships between parents and children and husbands and wives. The series breaks the myths of idol marriage, parenting and friendships. When the five mothers know a secret, it is not long before everything surfaces. Deep dive into the prestigious lives of these women to find out what secrets each one of them is hiding.

Made for Love

Made for Love features a married couple, where the husband is a tech genius and a billionaire while the wife is on the run after spending ten years in a suffocating marriage. While escaping her husband, she realises that her husband installed a high tech tracking device in her brain that traces her every move. See how the perfect life full of leisure was a fake and how the controlling husband kept her inside the house for several years. This thrilling series is fresh, has a new story and makes you feel many emotions.

Band of Brothers

If you can’t wait to peep into the heartbreaking harsh reality of World War 2, then you should not miss watching Band of Brothers at any cost. The outbox piece of entertainment is what signifies the brilliance of this series. More than that, the plot gets more interesting with every new episode. So, you can definitely keep Band of Brothers in your list of binge-watching on HBO.

How to Win John Wilson

Guess what? It’s not a drama, thriller, horror or any other genre but still manages to rank high in the HBO max shows list. Well, this time John Wilson took the whole stage with his unmatchable sense of comedy, funny wisdom, terrific timing grace and much more. From your never-ending chaos of busy life, How to Win John is definitely a noble escape for the session filled with fair humour.

Winning Time

The last but the wisest pick of the list is finally here, Winning Time is taking the place in the entertainment-centric gossip of all. Crucially highlighting the game of ambition, dream and betrayal, the story of Winning Time rotates around The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty. This series will definitely tie you up in its eternal charm and will never stop to surprise you all through.

Final Words

So, it’s a wrap to your reading journey of best shows available on HBO. Cut out the chain of thoughts and tune in your most-loved picked from the article without any further delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shows are currently on HBO?

The following shows are currently on HBO:
The Wire
Silicon Valey
Sex and the City
Six Feet Under
Game of Thrones

What is HBO’s most successful series?

Game of Thrones (GOT) is HBO’s most successful series.

What can you watch on HBO 2021?

You can watch the following shows on HBO 2021:
Station Eleven
Made for Love
The White Lotus

Are there any new series on HBO Shows?

Yes, the following are new series on HBO:
The Righteous Gemstones
My Brilliant Friend
Somebody Somewhere
Painting with John
The Gilded Age

Is HBO and HBO Max the same?

No, HBO and HBO Max are not the same but these two are similar because HBO Max is the paid version of HBO.