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Living Room Décor Ideas for Fall

Jan/16/2023 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao
Living Room Décor Ideas
Image credits: Prashant Bhat

Usher in those autumn vibes

Often dubbed as the most beautiful season of the year, autumn is a lovely transitional season from summer to winter. It is a time when temperatures start to dip, leaves change color and nature’s landscape is a treat for the senses! It is also a time to bring out those cozy rugs, blankets and of course the chrysanthemums, pine cones and pumpkins. Whether it is lanterns, wicker baskets, hints of copper or hues of yellow and ocher, decorating for autumn is all about bringing in those comforting, inviting vibes to make your home your sanctuary. So, here are some ways you can decorate your living room for the upcoming fall season.

Warmth and Simplicity

Since the living room is one of the most used spaces in the house, it is important to remember that any changes to the décor should balance aesthetics and functionality.

Living Room Décor Ideas
Image credits: The KhariGhars

“One does not require a lot of redesigning when it comes to fall-inspired home décor,” says Misbah Kapadia, founder and curator of Design Konstruct. “This design style is all about simplicity, wooden elements, natural materials, and creating a snug and reassuring atmosphere. Swapping accessories around the house, using dry flower arrangements in vases and adding a few accessories is a good start. Rugs, wooden and metal lamps can be added in the living room along with patterned cushions to enhance aesthetics. Cane baskets placed over a console give a complete [aesthetic] look of the room and can be used for storage.” Apart from cushions and rugs, you can also accentuate your furniture with loose knitted throws.

You can try simple and easy furniture flips in your living room.

“Well-upholstered armchairs with an ottoman by the fireplace is an ideal fall setup,” says Sonali Pandit, senior architect, Aum Architect. “The corners and nooks of your living area can be given a new look for the season using accessories like macrame wall hangings. Cotton and woolen throws are great ideas to add texture and volume.”

Fleece, linens and brushed cotton add a warm texture apart from furnishings with plaid patterns, floral and botanical prints.

Image credits: AUM Architects

Dense and Rich Palette, Vignette Ideas and Lighting

Autumn is all about a vibrant color palette with orange, yellow, red, and brown being classic autumn hues.  Along with this, shades like coastal blue, quetzal green, and martini olive make your space look cheerful and bright. “A mix of minimal and modern textile prints in gorgeous burnt orange with bold black and white works well as a quick and easy autumn upgrade,” says Abhishek Chadha, CEO and founder, The KariGhars. One can add several elements in varying to make the room look more dynamic. “Choose accessories like a trunk, a tray, candles, leather clad books etc. along with some simple flowers and lanterns. Assemble them into vignettes and you are ready for the new season,” adds Kapadia.

Adding a few fall-themed artifacts like faux pumpkins, pine cones, fresh seasonal flowers, and an autumn wreath can instantly open up your space for a breezy autumn spirit. “The living room’s center table can be used create simple arrangements without going overboard. It can include a basket of fresh harvest with candles on either side or a simple display of branches or dried flowers. To establish the mood for the season, adding an autumn message as framed art to your living room is a good idea too,” says Chadha.

Living Room Décor Ideas
Image credits: The KhariGhars

Apart from artifacts and accessories, it is key to note that lighting plays a vital role in creating the right ambience in the living room.

“Since evenings can get dull and gloomy in the fall, installing appropriate lighting fixtures in your living room is of utmost importance. Always opt for soft lighting. A fireplace brings warmth and coziness which works well for the cold weather outside. You can opt for candle holders to add depth to your fireplace and create more visual attraction” says Robin Sisodiya, founder and principal architect, ASRO Arcade India. Infusing aromas like cinnamon, pumpkin spice or sandalwood in a diffuser helps enhance the serene ambience.

Living Room Décor Ideas
Image credits: Prashant Bhat

Style Cues

The essence of any seasonal themed décor is to keep things simple and not overdo things.

“A common mistake while implementing fall décor is creating an overly themed space,” says Pandit. “Apart from subtly introducing the colors of the season, layering and proportions are the vital factors of décor. Balance taller elements like dry flowers with shorter candles and finally a shallow tray filled with potpourri. Use plenty of weathered wood, dull gold and copper accents, colored glass, yellow lights and indoor plants to give your space a quick make over.”

“Do not use anything flat, bright or shiny,” says Sisodiya. “Look for soft faux fur blankets to add to your sofa or accent chairs to get a plush and cozy vibe. A table lamp and floor lamp are enough to create a welcoming atmosphere.”


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