Longing, a poem by Sharvan Kumar

Apr/05/2020 / by Sharvan Kumar

For SEEMA, Sharvan Kumar talks about some of the struggles with Covid-19 or Coronavirus and the impact of the lockdown.  In Longing, Sharvan Kumar reflects on a little girl who is longing to meet her grandfather but cannot. “My grandpa is in there, please care for him.”


 A little girl stood with her arm extended,

A beautiful bouquet of golden daffodils.

Her face was radiant, but a single tear 

ran down her cheek, betraying the sorrow beneath.

“My grandpa is in there, please care for him.

I miss the many times, we walked the woods,

Picking flowers, and seeing rabbits hopping around

Oh, how I miss him now, I really do”

The silent hooded figure, ever so slowly, turned around,

Sweat glistening on his forehead, 

Bloodshot eyes and gloved-hands;

The kindest smile gradually spread across his face.

“I will do everything I can, my child, 

That I have in my power, that I have been taught,

So, he may hold your hand once again.

Don’t be afraid, this too shall pass.”

The moment of calm and quiet reflection was shattered

By the all too familiar wails of sirens and mayhem,

Cruel an interruption as it seemed, the next batch rolled in,

Elderly people, strapped on stretchers, struggling to breathe.

“Take care, my dear girl, for now I must go,

To tend to these ill patients that just rolled in,

They need me now than ever before, for they are

Someone’s grandparents too”.

He collected his shattered spirits

And glued them together–for that is all he had,

A quick sip of his stale coffee, hope against hope 

To mend a few of them and send them home.

The abandoned girl stood there alone…..and another tear.

In a whisper, barely audible, she despaired

“Dear God, please, be by his side, please save him 

I want him to come home and tuck me to bed”.

Sharvan Kumar

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