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If you love exploring new eye shadow looks in a myriad of vivid colors, rainbow eye shadow may be the perfect addition to your beauty regiment. So what exactly is rainbow eye shadow? Simply put, it’s a melding of bright eye shadow colors that resembles a resplendent rainbow. While the look may appear complex, it’s not really difficult to achieve. In fact, if you’re new to this trend, all you need is some practice. Here is a tutorial to help you get started with this fun, spectacular eye makeup!

colorful eye makeup

Colorful Eye Makeup Steps

  1. Be sure to prep your eyes by first washing your eye area. Then apply some moisturizer and an eyelid primer. The primer is imperative, as it boosts the staying power of your eye shadow and promotes a smoother, more flawless look.
  2. Apply your foundation and concealer to your eyelids.
  3. Select a bright or poppy pink shade from your eye shadow palette, and apply some toward your eyelid’s center.
  4. Select an orange shade next or something very similar to that, and apply this adjacent to the splash of pink you just created. Remember to blend the colors for a seamless look without any harsh edges.
  5. Take a radiant yellow shade, and apply this to the part where the orange fades. Remember to fade each shade, including your yellow one, as your go along your eyelid.
  6. Next, apply a bright green shade alongside your yellow shade, all the while fading it out as you move along your eyelid.
  7. Apply a turquoise or similar shade to your green one, meld a bit, and fade this out toward the outer end of your lid as well. You have now applied, and blended some colors of a magnificent rainbow.
  8. Check for any other visible harsh lines, and blend these with your eye shadow brush.
  9. For added boldness, or if you feel a shade is too dim, simply apply more eye shadow. Don’t forget to blend any harsh lines there too though.
  10. Choose an eyeliner to complement your new colorful eye shadow look. Perhaps try a yellow, pink, or blue eye shadow here. To boost visual effect, add a shade you’ve used, along your bottom lash line too. If not, apply the same eyeliner you’ve used along your upper lash line to your bottom lash line.
  11. A bold look like this would not be complete without a pair of false eyelashes, so apply some falsies here.
  12. Apply some black mascara to your lashes.
  13. Boost and complete this beautiful colorful eye shadow trend with beautifully shaped on-fleek eyebrows. If you’re not keen on microblading, you can buy some eyebrow stencils to help shape yours.
  14. To bolster this colorful eye look, you can also apply some color eye shadow over your eyebrows.
  15. Spray some setting spray over your face once you’ve applied the makeup to the rest of your face, and get ready to stun.

Products You Will Need for This Look

To create the most dazzling effects, this is what you need:

  • A quality, gentle cleanser.
  • A face moisturizer.
  • An eyelid primer and concealer. An excellent product is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Instant Fix 24 hour concealer, with hydra prep primer.
  • Foundation. If you’re going to be using Estee Lauder’s Instant Fix primer and concealer, it’s best to also use Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.
  • eye shadow brushes, including a clean one for blending.
  • An eye shadow palette with an array of brilliant colors. It’s best that your palette includes all or most colors of the rainbow. If not, you may need extra palettes to complete your color spectrum.
  • Your favorite eyeliner.
  • False eyelashes.
  • A bold, black mascara, like Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme in black.

Tips for Applying Colorful eye shadow

  • Apply your eye makeup before applying makeup to the rest of your face. This prevents eye shadow fallout on your cheeks and the rest of your makeup.
  • To limit fallout, lightly tap your eye shadow brush after applying individual shades.
  • You should also try to use a crisp separate eye shadow brush to blend your colors for better results.
  • If you want your colorful eye makeup to be more striking and bold, apply each shade with a slightly damp eye shadow brush. Be sure to not overdo this, as your brush may become too soggy, and make your colors run.
  • If you’re not feeling daring enough for a super bold effect, you can always tone done your colorful eye look, by applying a neutral color shade like taupe, to your eyelid base.
  • To prevent excess eye shadow from spilling over into your eyes, try applying your turquoise and greenish shades with a sparser eye shadow brush.
  • Be sure to wash your eye shadow and blending brushes after each use. This is more hygienic, and it prevents any residual products from affecting the results of your next eye shadow look.
  • Remember that the color sequence does not have to match this tutorial exactly. You can sequence your colors as you prefer, as long as you achieve that remarkable rainbow aesthetic.


How do you wear colorful eye shadow?

Colorful eye shadow can be worn as an eyeliner along both your lower or upper lash line. It can also be worn in a lighter way, if you tone it down with a neutral eye shadow shade first. You can also wear it bolder by first dampening your eye shadow brush. Some may want to just apply this colorful eye shadow look to the center or corners of their eyelids. Others prefer to apply the rainbow look over the entire eyelid.

Which color eye shadow should you use?

If you’re trying to achieve that splendid full rainbow effect, it’s best to use all the colors of the rainbow over your entire eyelid. Don’t forget to complement your eyelids by applying a shade you’ve used along your upper and lower lash lines.

How do you do rainbow eye shadow?

After preparing your eyelids with a cleanser, primer, foundation, and concealer; start applying your different shades. Apply the varying shades alongside each other, and blend away the harsh lines with a blending brush. If you want to add dramatic effect, shape your eyebrows, too, and apply false eyelashes and mascara.

How should rainbow eye shadow look for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, you may not want to go for an exceedingly bold look at first. It’s best to start with an eye shadow palette that has all the colors you need, but in lighter or more subtle hues. If you want a subtler look at first, you should not apply your colorful eye makeup with a damp eye shadow brush.

How do you make your eye shadow look colorful?

You can get the full effect of this colorful eye look by choosing the most dramatic colors. Be sure to include the entire spectrum of colors, or most of it, for a full rainbow effect. You should strive to have an eye shadow palette with pinks, blues or turquoise, greens, yellows, orange, and possibly red. If you like, you may blend red with orange, or blue with turquoise, although that is not necessary, as these shades are very similar.