Look Great Every Day With These 25 Hairstyles For Short Hair

Hairstyles for Short Hair
Image credits: Nicolas Flor via Unsplash

Let’s face it, short hair might not be the easiest to style, and various textures means different hair products and techniques. Now you can look great with these unique hairstyles for short hair.

#1 Messy Plus Accessorized Combo

There are so many cute hairstyles for short hair, and messy hair gives a degree of edge and cool that takes on another level of cute. If you’ve always wanted to accessorize your short hair and rock the messy look, then the good news is you totally can. Using the right accessories for the outfit and the occasion will significantly help your course.

#2 Beach Waves Work

If you wondered how to style short hair and thought beach waves were only for long hair, guess what? It isn’t! You can rock some sassy beach waves even if your hair is shorter than shoulder length. This hairstyle is gorgeous.

#3 The Shaggy Pixie Haircut

Another favorite of the many hairstyles for short hair is the shaggy pixie cut. This look is edgy and sporty. While it made headlines in the 90s, it is still rocking heads now. So if you want edge and pizazz, then the shaggy pixie cut might be for you.

#4 The Undercut

The famous undercut is all the rage in hairstyles for short hair these days. It’s got a sporty, cool aspect to it that makes it a must-have. As one of the more easy short hairstyles, the undercut does well and can be worn in a bun to complete the look.

#5 The Sleek Back

Now the sleek back is super cool and can adapt to any occasion. It doesn’t take much effort to complete and is one of the top hairstyles for very short hair.

#6 Go for the “Lob”

Lob, Yes, you read that right. The lob is one of the hairstyles for short hair that gives you the best of all worlds. The lob is longer than the bob but shorter than the shoulders and floats effortlessly in-between. Whether you’re going for messy beach waves or looking to tie your hair up in a ponytail, the lob is versatile to do it all.

#7 The TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

If you went for the big chop and wondered how to style short natural hair, then the TWA is one way to do it depends on how short. Natural hair has many cool aspects about it, and with the right haircut, you’ll shine and manage your hair even better.

#8 Sleek And Smooth

The sleek smooth hairstyle is more for straight hair texture. It is a simple hairstyle that calls for a middle part and the rest of the locks to hang freely. You could also use a flat iron to straighten up this style even more.

#9 Tousled Curls

Curly heads can agree that the easy to wear tousled locks is simply one of the cute hairstyles for short hair. It is sassy, beautiful and fabulous for any occasion.

#10 Rock An afro

Textured hair like curls, coils, and kinky strands are the ingredients to a perfect afro. The retro afro is fantastic for any day and any occasion. You don’t have to be a soul diva from the 70s to rock this look. Fluff or pick your hair, and you’re good to go. Or, pin the sides to create a retro mohawk

#11 Short Caramel taper

Thinking of easy short hairstyles, here’s the short caramel taper. What this look provides is a skilful razor line on the side of the head from the front. This adds edge and glam to your short hairdo.

#12 Short haircut with Tapered Sides

The short hair cut with tapered sides works whether you’re naturally curly or you have sleek hair. A natural head of curls provides a cool look that can be dressed up or casual. On sleek hair, it’s a great look with a messy finish.

#13 Pixie With Undercut

The previous undercut we mentioned was one with slightly longer but still short hair. In fact, it can be adapted to all lengths. Modifying a pixie haircut with an undercut is simply magnificent and elegant. Just like the tapered sides, it allows you to go dressed up or down, any occasion.

#14 Faux Bun

When you think of easy short hairstyles, think of the faux bun. Short hair might not always form a real bun, but with the correct pinning, you can rock a faux. There is also the element of the faux bun having a messy twist to it, but that’s even better than the regular stuff.

#15 Curly Bob

So whether you’re naturally curly or going to create your curls with a curling iron, curly bob is beautiful. The curly bob is easy to wear and one of those versatile hairstyles for short hair that you can often get right.

#16 Lush Highlighted Locks

So, if you don’t want to go with the regular color, why not add some pizazz to your short hair with highlights. Highlights look great on curls and straight hair but make sure to maintain and touch them up when due. Maintenance will keep your hair color fresh and gorgeous.

#17 Tapered Haircut With Finger Waves

Finger waves come down to hair texture, and this one in particular works great with a curly hair type. Not to say that other hair types can’t achieve the look. The tapered sides with the finger waves add more oomph to this gorgeous look.

#18 Pin Curls

Pin curls are gorgeous, and they demand that timeless appeal and chic elegance of the 50s era. Pin curls on short hair score an A+ in our books.

#19 Subtle Waves

Perhaps you don’t want the full-on beach waves or a bedhead look. If this is you, then your simple hairstyles for short hair could be the subtle waves. These are intentionally made with a curling iron, so you can intensify or make it less intense. Some people have subtle waves as their natural texture and could probably rock this without a curling iron.

#20 Short Side Swept Pixi

The pixies haircut has many variations and is one of the easiest short haircuts when done right. The short side-swept pixie is feminine, elegant and great on any day.

#21 Have A Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie cuts take it to the next level, where the hair has more depth and volume. This is a cool hairstyle that goes well even when dressed for a formal ado.

#22 Go For The Curly Shag

The Shag-curls is an amazing style, often seen worn by fashion model Mica Arganaraz. You can see her toting her curly mane for names like Prada, Versace and Chanel to name a few. Embrace your 2C curls and rock her look.

#23 The Textured Bob

The bob haircut is great, but adding an extra element perfects it. Try the textured bob. Similar to the textured pixie, the textured bob is a cute hairstyle for short hair. The depth created with waves adds even more effect. Whether you’re going to the beach or on a date, this hairstyle will turn heads for the good.

#24 A Sleek Bun Or Chignon

The famous hair bun or “chignon” is another game-changer for short hair. There is a small difference between the two, though. The bun is wrapped round and round itself. While a chignon is a low version and not necessarily wrapped around itself. The chignon is an updo and a gorgeous one too.

#25 Rock A Messy Sleek-Back

You get the classic sleek back, and then there’s also the textured, messy sleek back. The messy version is very cool and gives you that extra wow factor.

#26 Curly Bob

Bobs are great for many hair textures, and while sleek hair can do bobs, so can curlies. The curly bob is pretty and works with various curl textures. A stretched wash and go will help you get this style right if your hair is tightly coiled.

#27 Wet textured Bob

How to style short hair with a bob, try a wet-textured version. Did we mention that the bob is versatile? Well, the wet textured bob is yet another one of its many variations. It is effortless and glamorous.

#28 The Long Pixie

While Pixie haircuts are primarily short, there comes a time when you grow that pixie out. During the transition phase, you’ll see your pixie haircut transform into a chic long pixie style.

#29 Curly Bob With Bangs (Fringe)

You can enjoy your curly hair and have bangs featuring your curly bob with bangs. This is another beautiful style that will wow the crowds.

#30 Braided Side Part Updo

Try the side braid or a French braid on one side of your head, creating a side part for a fancy, chic look. Then with the rest of your hair, pin it and tie it in place for a neat and beautiful updo.

#31 Tousled Bob Plus Deep Side Part

There is something chic yet cool about the deep side part tousled bob hairstyle. To create the tousles, you can use a curling iron. It doesn’t matter the occasion. This hairstyle is a winner.

Debunking Short Hair Myths

Myth: Short and sleek hair goes like peas in a pod.

Fact: While short sleek hair might look good, it isn’t the only texture that is best when short. Many awesome curlies are rocking amazing short hair.

Myth: Short hairstyles are bulletproof.

Fact: To some extent, easy short hairstyles might be simple to work. Still, with too much product and too much manipulation, it could all go horribly wrong.

Myth: a bang (fringe) can work with different hairstyles for short hair.

Fact: Perhaps bangs can work with most hairstyles, but that’s not to say that they can work with all of them all the time. Trimming them helps instead of pinning them to the side all the time.

Myth: short hair is low maintenance.

Fact: While short hair might seem like it’s a breeze to style, it takes a degree of maintenance. Frequent visits to the salon to trim and keep the cut fresh and beautiful is critical maintenance. If you neglect your short haircut, it will quickly become a hot mess and look awkward as it grows out.


How can I style my short hair every day?

Styling short hair may depend on the type of haircut. Hairstyles for very short hair may only have limited style options as opposed to longer-short hair.

How can I look stylish with short hair?

Short hair can often be dressed up or down. You can go with a messy look for a casual, sporty edge or accessorize it with something sparkly or pearly for a formal touch.

How can I style my short hair in the morning?

There are no time limitations to how you style your hair. If you’re going to a formal ado in the morning, then your hair can be styled accordingly. If you’re going for a coffee, or run some errands, then you probably can tone down the glam factor.

How do you style hair that’s longer at the top?

Side tapered hair cuts, or layered pixie hair cuts have many options, and you can style according to the original cut or as per hair texture.

For example, curly, coily hair looks great in its natural form with a tapered side hair cut. A pixie hair cut on sleek hair may look great with a side sweep version. There are many options, and you could play around with various.

What can I do with really short hair?

You can do what you want with really short hair. The benefits of having super short hair are that it’s easy to style, it’s quicker to wash and dry, and you save because you use fewer hair products.

Conclusion About Hairstyles For Short hair

Do you know your hair type? Knowing the type of hair you have will make everything else easier regarding maintenance products and tools. You can find the hair type chart online, and you can also ask a stylist for advice on keeping your tresses healthy and strong.

Which one is these different hairstyles for short hair did you fancy most? Which of these hairstyles will you try for your new haircut? Either way, have a fun, experiment and love your mane!