March 21 – April 19

You find yourself quick to take action and dive right into a situation instead of thinking. Put on your brave face, let nothing faze you to move ahead against any challenge. You are highly driven, ambitious and action-oriented to manifest your goals. However, don’t cut corners to get a job done. A big change is expected in your career and relationship therefore, now is the time to trust in yourself and your potential and take the next step to press forward. The breakthrough you seek is already on its way. Don’t give up now. In money matters, be cautious. Do some research, but don’t procrastinate. If you’re looking for a new way to improve your health, start now.


April 20 – May 20

It’s not the time to jump into action but to lay still and delve internally. Life is teaching you how to balance relationships and elevate your self-worth. For your dreams to take shape and change to happen, it’s imperative for you to process old wounds. Tomorrow won’t be different if you don’t change something today. If you feel trapped in indecision, step back and objectively, reevaluate your job or career situation, relationships, and financial status. Walk away from the need to please others. What may seem like regressing may be just a reroute to get you to where you belong. Trust what you feel, not what you hear. Keep the faith, for what is yours cannot pass you by.

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The term “non-fungible token” refers to a token that is not fungible or is unique and cannot be replaced. Non-fungible is an economic word that can be used to objects like furniture, music files, and computers. Because of their unique features, some goods cannot be substituted by other items.

NFTs are digital tokens that may be used to indicate ownership of one-of-a-kind goods. They enable us to tokenize items such as artwork, valuables, and even real estate. They can only have one official owner at a time, and they’re protected by the Ethereum blockchain, which means no one can change the ownership record or create a new NFT.

As a representation of digital or non-digital assets, an NFT is created from digital items.

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It’s all in the family!

Family is not just an important part of your life but it is, in fact, everything. A compass that guides us, a protective life jacket in a storm, and a safe haven, family is an eternal, strong and secure bond. The love, warmth and guidance it provides is priceless and stays with you forever. There are high notes as well as low ones in one’s family, too, but in the end, you end up with a beautiful song! To celebrate this truly special social institution, the United Nations has designated May 15 as the International Day of Families.

Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions, but our roots remain as one.

International Day of Families

In the 1980s that the United Nations shifted its focus to families and the challenges they face. In 1993, the General Assembly passed a resolution agreeing to celebrate 15-May as the day dedicated to the family system which is integral to a happy and healthy society. First celebrated in 1994, the UN uses this day to highlight key issues affecting families and develop solutions to address these issues. Each year workshops, seminars and activities are organized around a theme making individuals realize the value and importance of families and communities.

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Know your Horoscopes for April!

Farzana Suri is a Victory Coach who coaches people through their life’s challenges to take the leap to victory, using the science of numerology. See what your horoscopes have in store for you this month! ARIES  March 21 – April 19 Competition might try to bully you, but individuality and independence are your strengths. You…

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