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Make Your Backyard Beautiful

May/12/2024 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

Create a delightful retreat without breaking the bank

Tableware set on a wooden table with flower vase in backyard with lights
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The backyard is a wonderful spot in your home to relish your morning cuppa, enjoy an afternoon snooze, or catch an idyllic sunset.  From lighting to landscaping, here’s how you can give your backyard a makeover on a budget. 

Cleaning, Pruning, and Planting

The first step in creating a pleasant ambience in your backyard is to get rid of your overgrown weeds and unwanted plants.  Give your deck and outdoor furniture a good pressure wash to get rid of all the dirt and impurities.  Make a quick checklist of the plants you want to retain and additionally any new ones that you would need for your backyard.  Ideally, choose the plants that are low maintenance like perennials that thrive well with limited care and serve to add a pop of color to your space.

Focus on creating a landscape that is both functional and aesthetic.  Experiment with colors, heights, textures and incorporate a good mix of flowering plants, creepers, and vines.  Ginger lilies, hydrangeas, petunias, and peonies are great choices.  Incorporate colorful planters to make your space appealing.  Do not forget to add in the right hedge plants to demarcate boundaries.  An English fence or boxwood fence are also other options that you can explore. 

A New Lick of Paint

Whether it is the walls, fence or even the planters, a new coat of paint goes a long way in elevating the aesthetics of the space.  Colors like earthy neutrals, browns and greens give your space a natural look.  Choose pastel tones like blue, beige, and blush for your planters for a delightful contrast.  If you have wooden furniture, consider repolishing or painting them in bright colors to create an ambience that is attractive and cozy.  Painting wrought iron partitions and grills also lends the space a refreshed feel.  

Seating Options Galore

Elegant seating options are key to making your yard a comfortable place where you can rest and rejuvenate.  Think easy chairs, bean bags, lounge seating, and maybe even a day bed.  If you have the space, installing a swing is a great idea to take a break and put your feet up.  Add texture, color, and pattern to the space, by experimenting with cushions, rugs, and throw blankets.  Depending on the season, you can change the material and colors of the furnishings. 

Light It Up

Lights in the yard not only help improve safety, but also play a key role in elevating the overall atmosphere and landscape design.  Fairy, string, and deck railing lights help illuminate your deck and patio area and gives it a warm, snug vibe.  Hanging lanterns and pendant fixtures are other ideas for a boho chic vibe especially if they are made up of earthy materials like bamboo, rattan, or cane. 

Classic lamps which are weather-safe are also a viable option if you have ample floor space.  Recessed lighting is a trendy option and are easy to install too.  Also, the glow of candles will not only add warmth and provide an emotional boost, but will also help ward off bugs.  Choose fragrances like citronella, lemon grass, cinnamon, or pumpkin spice to create a cozy setting.

Entertainment Options

Whether it is a mini bar, a cozy reading nook, a lemonade station, or a swimming pool, create a focal area in your yard depending on your interests or hobbies. Focus your décor ideas and accessorize the place on this point of interest.  For example, if you love reading, set up your reading corner with some of your favorite titles in a small bookstand made up of distressed wood, add in a cozy chair, throw in a rug, light up some candles and you are set!  Refurbishing your existing fire pit, gazebo, or pergola is again a good idea to give your yard a makeover with limited spends.


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