Mandala Magic: Find Meaning In Art

Feb/02/2021 / by Anu Bhat
Anu Bhat
Anu Bhat with Artist

The Mantra Mandala from Nepal

Did you know you can gain a deeper, more soulful experience from certain artworks?

Energy art has been known to change the way you feel within. What you place in your environment influences the way you think and what you attract in your life. Anyone who’s heard of Marie Kondo knows this!  

My own connection with spiritual art began about ten years ago, when I spent some time in Singapore.  I traveled through Southeast Asia perusing art for my personal collection. I was particularly drawn to art from Nepal and Tibet, fascinated by its understanding and translation of Buddhist philosophies. 

Ancient cultures used Mandala art as a means to connect with the divine. I wanted to know more.  

A few trips to Nepal and time spent with Lama artists led to a deeper understanding of this art form. 

Mandala means “circle” in Sanskrit. The wheel with no beginning and no end symbolizes infinity and is the Universal symbol of Buddhism.  These artworks act as a vehicle to bring spiritual energy into their surroundings and showed me personally that a sense of peace and alignment within myself was more accessible than I thought.

‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ – I would hear the monks chant this prayer as they circled the Boudhanath Stupa, and remember feeling a tingling energy in the air as I followed them. The Boudha Stupa is a UNESCO world heritage site in Kathmandu, built in the shape of a Mandala with countless monasteries around it. 

This same prayer (Om Mani Padme Hum) is written in the mandala numerous times in Sanskrit creating a vibration equivalent to its being chanted.  This prayer, also known as a mantra, contains all of the Buddhist teachings that address the truth of the nature of suffering and how to remove its cause. 

Meditating with the mandala leaves the observer relaxed. It is advised to set an intention before the meditation. One then comes away with a resolution or clarity concerning the intention. 

It has been said – as you fall into the mandala, you will feel lighter, and intuitive thoughts may arise. Relax and float with the thoughts and feelings that come to you.  

Did you know? The famed Swiss psychiatrist, Dr Carl Jung, employed the Mandala in his work with clients. When concentrated upon, he felt deeper human consciousness became elevated to an extent the conscious was able to receive revelation about true potential and wholeness of the self. 

They have been shown in clinical studies to lower blood pressure, ease depression, promote sleep and boost the immune system. 

Begin or enhance your own spiritual journey with a better understanding of the magic of Mandalas.

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