Master Chef From Nashville: Maneet Chauhan

Sep/24/2021 / by Team SEEMA
Maneet Chauhan
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Maneet Chauhan is best known for her role as a judge on the award-winning Food Network show Chopped. Her enthusiasm and creativity, as well as her refined culinary skills and courage to pursue her passion, have made her a success. Maneet is the founder and president of Morph Hospitality Group in Nashville, Tennessee, and was recently named to the Nation’s Restaurant News 2019 Power List. Keep reading to learn all about Vanita Gupta.

Meet Maneet Chauhan

Indian-American chef and television personality Maneet Chauhan is of Sikh descent. She used to be an Executive Chef at a number of well-known Chicago and New York restaurants, and now she judges on the Food Network show Chopped.

Her drive and creativity, as well as her refined culinary skills and the courage to pursue her passions, made Maneet Chauhan an ideal candidate for this position.

Maneet is originally from India, where education is highly valued. She had to establish her credentials as a qualified chef. She says she went against the grain by not becoming a doctor or an engineer like everyone else. She attributes her current success to the encouragement she receives from her family.

An Overview of Her Education

At The Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Management, India’s top hotel management school, Maneet earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management before interning at Taj Group Hotels, Oberoi Hotels, and Le Meridien.

In 1998, she went on to earn an associate’s degree in baking and pastry arts from the CIA. She felt at home right away because everyone was so enthusiastic about food and cooking. As a result, Maneet graduated with honors and a slew of service and academic awards. Managing an Indian fine-dining restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ, she gained valuable culinary experience. But she yearned for something more—somewhere she could put her skills as a chef and her love of creativity to use.

Journey To Chicago

Maneet decided to take a chance and drove to Chicago in her Mazda Miata. As she had fallen in love with the city, she began looking for work in an energetic, demanding environment. It was Maneet who first introduced herself to Rohini Dey, owner of the fusion restaurant Vermillion, which serves food from across the Indian subcontinent and Latin America. Impressed by her knowledge and passion, she was soon hired as executive chef. 

Maneet Chauhan
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It was thanks to her vision that Vermillion was able to win so many awards, including the best new restaurant award from Chicago Magazine in May 2004, Esquire’s Restaurant of the Month award, and the best new restaurant award from Wine Enthusiast in America for the year 2004. Bon Appetit, Nation’s Restaurant News, and USA Today have all given her high praise as well.

Managing a successful business and following your passion for food go hand in hand when you’re an executive chef. Maneet is constantly honing her culinary skills, perfecting her trade, and challenging herself by adding new recipes to her repertoire and the menu of the upscale restaurant in addition to all the other responsibilities she has. Combining the two is her tried-and-true recipe for achievement.

Flavors of Maneet’s World

Maneet’s first cookbook, Flavors of My World: A Culinary Tour Through 25 Countries, was published by the Nashville-based Favorite Recipes Press of the Southwestern Publishing Group. To promote the book, she went on a 21-city bus tour across the United States and was named one of the year’s Cookbooks. The Journey, written with Katy Sparks, Alex Raij, Rita Sodi, and Kathleen Squires, won the 2014 International Culinary Professionals Association award for her other book (digital, published by Alta Editions).

Maneet Chauhan’s Famous Cooking Class

Since 2019, Maneet has taken popular cooking classes. In these classes, students work in small groups to prepare one of several courses while working one-on-one with Chef Maneet. Students are then accommodated for lunch after the cooking lesson to enjoy their hard work and wine pairings. The recipes are distributed to each student, so they can try them out at home!

FAQs About Maneet Chauhan

How many restaurants does Maneet Chauhan have?

The Morph Hospitality Group, owned by Maneet and her husband Vivek Deora, is the founding company for her four restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee.

Who is Maneet Chauhan’s husband?

Maneet is married to Vivek Deora. While the pair met during college in Manipal, they maintained a long-distance relation that lasted for 10 years before tying the knot.

What are Maneet Chauhan restaurants in Nashville?

Maneet Chauhan owns one restaurant in Nashville, named Chauhan Ale & Masala House.

What is Maneet Chauhan known for?

Punjabi-American chef and television personality Maneet Chauhan is of Indian descent. She is a judge on the Food Network show Chopped and was previously the Executive Chef of several renowned restaurants in Chicago, Nashville, and New York.


We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive bio on Maneet Chauhan and were inspired by her determination and talent that helped her emerge as one of the most successful chefs. To learn more about other notable personalities, keep reading Seema.