Maternity Work Clothes Tips and Tricks!

Dec/19/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Maternity Work Clothes
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Pregnancy can be an exciting time for a woman, but it can also be a time of significant changes for her. If you are engaged in a career or other endeavor outside the home, you may find yourself exhausted more frequently, or you may have to balance a schedule of work activities with doctor’s appointments and other commitments. On top of all of this, your rapidly changing body will result in the fact that the majority of your favorite work clothes will no longer be a good fit. Not to be concerned, though! Gone are the days when women had to dress in drab maternity work clothes. Working clothes for expecting mothers are the focus of entire fashion lines, which are both fashionable and functional. So, what should you look for in maternity work outfits during your pregnancy?

What Maternity Clothes Are Necessary for the Office

In most cases, women find that they are able to continue wearing their regular clothes during the first trimester, with the exception of some non-stretch pants, which may feel too tight at times. The solution in this case is to loop a hair band through the buttonhole in the waistband and then over the button fastener to extend the waistline temporarily. No one will ever know that the pants are unfastened if they are worn with a top that falls over the waist of the pants. The best time to begin wearing maternity clothing is when you begin to feel the need for extra comfort. Once your pregnancy is publicly announced at work, adding maternity clothes to your existing collection of business attire is unlikely to garner much attention. Pregnancy work outfits can be a mix of many different items.

Maternity Work Clothes
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Another thing to keep in mind is that the majority of women will not require a complete wardrobe change to accommodate their pregnancy. In terms of fit, many of your existing jackets and tops will likely suffice when strategically paired with maternity pants or skirts, depending on your look and personal preference. For the most part, you’ll need at least two pairs of pants, a skirt, a dress, a jacket, and possibly two or three tops to get started. The majority of these can be paired with non-maternity clothes that are still appropriate.

Blouses and tops

Blouses and tops are perfect for wearing under a blazer, sweater, or cardigan, or on their own with slacks, jeans, or a skirt for a professional look. Tunics, caftans, and other breezy, light, and loose styles are perfect for the warmer weather ahead. Bring out the close-fitting shirts with longer sleeves and thicker materials when the weather gets a little chillier.


With a classic, modern blazer, it’s simple to dress up a maternity tank, tee, or blouse for the office. Blazers also go well over non-maternity tops to hide the fact that they might be a little too tight.


On difficult days, the sensation of your pants digging into your waist during a long work day might be too much. Consider wearing a dress that allows you to have more breathing room and plenty of leg room. With a well-cut cardigan, jacket, or shawl, you can enhance it even further, or keep warm if your office is cold.


Maternity slacks are the way to go once you’ve outgrown your pants extenders and it’s getting cold outside. The good news is that you aren’t restricted to drab fashions. There are a lot of stylish pants you can buy online that will work well with your maternity clothes.

How to Select Professional Work Clothes

All maternity clothing is not created equal, and not all maternity clothing is appropriate for the workplace. Obviously, the style that you choose will be determined by your personal preferences. The environment in which you work will also influence whether or not you can dress in something smart-casual. The important thing to remember is that your maternity clothing collection should evolve in response to your changing body. It isn’t necessary to go out and buy a whole new maternity wardrobe right away, either.

Instead, continue to wear your regular clothes for as long as possible and gradually incorporate maternity pieces as you require them. While many seasonal options will not be available at the beginning of your pregnancy, you should take the weather into consideration when purchasing what you need. When choosing maternity clothes for work, keep the following considerations in mind:

Stretchy materials

It is important to be able to move around freely while at work, particularly if you have a physically demanding position, so keep an eye out for fabrics that are stretchy. Rayon, specifically, is excellent for allowing for freedom of movement. It will be comfortable to wear stretchy material throughout your pregnancy and will provide support for your growing belly. Additionally, spandex is a good option. When shopping around, be sure to read the labels describing the fabric content.

Soft fabrics

Nobody wants to deal with a growing belly and shifting body shape by wearing clothing that also irritates their skin. This is especially true when you’re at your office. Be on the lookout for soft materials that will provide you with maximum comfort. Soft and breathable cotton, for example, is included in this category. In addition, rayon and polyester will be gentle on the skin when used together.


You will need warm fabrics to keep you comfortable in the winter or in a cold office. The best course of action in this situation is to layer up. Purchase a soft cardigan or jacket that is both comfortable and warm to wear over your bottom layer. The opposite is true for summertime clothing: it must be cool, loose, and breathable.

Best Maternity Clothes Retailers

Even though there are no shortages of retailers for maternity clothes in general, the best retailer from which to source your personal work clothes should be a place that carries the styles you like at a price that you can afford, according to your budget. If there isn’t a brick-and-mortar store near you, you can shop online with any of these companies.


If you are on a tight budget, Motherhood is a good place to start when looking for pregnancy work clothes. Comfortable casual wear such as tops, leggings, and simple dresses are available at an affordable price from this retailer.

A Pea in a Pod

Despite the wacky name, this is the place to go if you are looking for maternity work clothes in particular. Also, if you need maternity clothes for special events or formal attire, this is the place to go.


This retailer is well-known for offering a wide range of sizes that are inclusive of all body types. Storq offers plus size stretchy pants, overalls, and lounge sets that are meant to complement the clothes you already own and accommodate your varying sizes.

Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey is the place to go for casual maternity wear. When it comes to comfort, Tupelo’s luxuriously soft leggings and joggers will quickly become wardrobe staples that you’ll want to wear every day.


Seraphine offers a wide range of styles to suit every stage of pregnancy, from the first trimester to nursing and beyond. They also offer jeans, dresses, and everything else in between. Everyday jeans, sweaters, dresses, active wear, nursing tank tops, and even formal gowns can be found in their collection of clothing. Just keep in mind that Seraphine is a very feminine brand, and that sizing can be difficult, especially when searching for maternity office clothes.

Suggestions and Techniques

Keep in mind that many of your non-maternity clothes will still fit for a while, and the most cost-effective strategy for choosing maternity clothes is one that considers what clothes you can still wear. For example, a comfortable pair of black or grey maternity pants can be intermixed with some loose fitting non-maternity tops. When looking into a new maternity wardrobe, keep some of these in mind:

  • Be aware of the dress code and policy in place at your company. In spite of the fact that some companies have fairly strict dress codes, there may be maternity accommodations that allow women to wear stretchy pants or tops with a looser fit in place of formal suits.
  • When wearing maternity pants, long tops can be worn over them to conceal the bands, saving you from having to wear a blazer as well.
  • A belly band is an inexpensive and versatile way to extend the length of regular trousers and pants throughout pregnancy. It’s also known as a “bump band” because it’s a stretchy ring of material that fits over the waistband of your pants and conceals everything underneath a long top.
  • According to research, the breasts, not the belly, are the fastest-growing part of the body during pregnancy. Loose fitting blouses, especially long or flowing tops, will most likely come in handy as the first piece of clothing you acquire. Consider investing in a maternity bra as well.
  • If your workplace requires suits, you may not need to spend a lot of money on a maternity suit that you will only wear for a few months during your pregnancy. In some cases, purchasing a low-cost suit that is a size or two larger than your usual size may be more cost-effective depending on your body shape.
  • Dark colors have the tendency to soften the lines of the body and minimize the appearance of enlarging areas. Wearing black jersey pants and dresses can be paired with virtually any color, and the fabric is both comfortable and stretchy, which helps to keep the growing bump to a minimum until well into the third trimester. Colorful tops with the pants and an eye-catching scarf with the dress are both excellent choices for this outfit.
  • If you are on a tight budget, consider borrowing maternity clothes from friends who have had children but do not currently require them, or check out local thrift stores. The online marketplaces Etsy and eBay are also good places to look for gently used maternity clothes at a discount price.
Maternity Work Clothes
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Keep in Mind

Your little bundle of joy will be here before you know it, and in no time at all, your days of wearing maternity clothes will be past you. Some resourceful women have taken the time to select maternity pieces that, in some cases, will be worn after the pregnancy is over. These include simple black stretchy dresses that can be tailored to fit almost any body type, as well as more elaborate maternity gowns. Some tops, and even blazers, can be worn over and over again. Remember to be conscious of your own personal style and level of comfort; don’t just buy the first maternity clothes you see. Instead, take the time to research what you truly require and desire for yourself.


1. What are the top 5 maternity work outfits?

Some of our suggestions include:
A cozy sweater from Nordstrom
ASOS Design Maternity High-Waist Pants
A flowy top from Ingrid & Isabel
A structured blazer from Seraphine
A button down shirt from ASOS

2. What should I look for in maternity clothes?

Look for clothes made of stretchy, comfortable material, preferably natural breathable fibers. Black bottoms pair well with loose fitting tops.

3. What maternity work clothes do I need?

Plan to acquire at least two pairs of pants, a dress, a skirt, a blazer and a handful of interchangeable tops, all of which can be mixed and matched together.


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