Maya Ajmera Changing the World Through Helping Children

Maya Ajmera
Image credits: Element5 Digital via Unsplash

She changes the world by changing less fortunate children’s lives for the good. With her non-profit Global Fund for Children (GFC) initiative, the organization helps children have the chance of attaining an education and better rights throughout the world.

About Maya Ajmera

The biography of Maya Ajmera tells the tale of a woman determined to change the lives of vulnerable children across the world. Maya was born and raised in Carolina, USA, and Indus immigrants’ daughter.

Maya holds an impressive portfolio, having graduated from the North Carolina School of Mathematics and Science. In addition, she has also gone on to achieve a bachelor’s in biology at Bryan Mawr College and a master’s in Public Policy at Sanford School of Republic Policy.

What is the Profession of Maya Ajmera?

She is the founder of GFC and also the president and CEO of Society of Science and the Public. She is also the publisher of the company’s magazine Science News, which have seen many awards over the past years.

When she founded her non-profit GFC, the focus was to save children from lawlessness such as child trafficking, provide access to education and increase opportunities for children with disabilities in Asia and Euroasia.


Who is Maya Ajmera married to?

Maya is married to a partner of Adduci, Mastrianni and Schaumberg, David Hutzler Hollander jnr.

Where is she born?

Maya was born in America, in Carolina.

What is her net worth?

Maya’s said net worth is estimated at $3M to $5M.

When did she started her career?

She started her career after funding GFC in 1994 at the young age of 25.

Conclusion to Maya Ajmera

Maya is an inspiration and very passionate about her establishment GFC. You can often find heart-warming news on Maya Ajmera as she strives to change the lives of these youngsters across the world.