Meera Agarwal and The Art of Kolam

Oct/25/2020 / by Team SEEMA

kolamArtist Meera Agarwal has a new series of paintings based on traditional South Indian Kolam art, called the Kolam/Connections series. One of the paintings, “Braided” has been juried into Greenwich Art Society’s 103rd Annual Exhibit. It was judged by Geaninne Gutiérrez-Guimarães, associate curator at the Guggenheim Bilbao and NYC.

As a description of “Braided” by Agarwal on her site has it, “A daily pre-dawn ritual of women drawn at thresholds of homes in South India, these are math-based geometric line compositions drawn (with rice flour) on a grid of dots. There are various theories about the significance of kolams – a welcoming feature, an ode to Mother Earth, to ward off evil, a symbolic ‘charity-begins-at-home’ gesture as ants, bugs and birds feed on the rice flour, etc. To me, it’s a reminder that we humans are all ‘connected’ in so many ways, in joy, in pain, in healing. Sharing my culture and symbolizing that we are all braided together and are part of one race – the human race.”

The exhibit is currently visible at an online gallery and will soon be on view by appointment only. For more details, visit Agarwal’s site.

For more on kolam, check out A Kolam for Kamala.


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