Meera Simhan and Reema Sampat cast in ABC’s The Son in Law

Apr/25/2022 / by Pratika Yashaswi
the son in law
Courtesy Reema Sampat’s website + Meera Simhan’s IMDB page

“The Son in Law,” premiering on ABC in 2023, is an age-old story—poor boy meets rich girl and has to impress difficult, sneering in-laws. But what when we’re talking a significantly older and divorced plumber WASP, with an aristocratic philanthropist Indian mother-in-law of the most exacting kind who really should know better—her own parents were opposed to her marrying her husband, who is the conductor of the New York Philharmonic.

Jake is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy who really, really wants to marry Asha, but while Asha’s father Om Mehta likes him enough to approve immediately, her high-strung mother Khushi does not. The maestro grew up modestly, so he sees a lot of himself in the prospective son-in-Law (hence “The Son in Law”). But Khushi is on a mission to get him away from her daughter, stat.

The show promises a terrific cast: Om Mehta is Anupam Kher and his wife Khushi is Meera Simhan. Reema Sampat is Asha and Jake will be played by Chris Sullivan.

You’ve probably seen Meera Simhan in Anger Management, House, NCIS: Los Angeles. She is also an award-winning screenwriter whose solo-theater piece Miss India America is streamable on Hulu and Amazon Prime. The Son in Law will only come out next year, so you can watch Miss India America in the meanwhile. And Reema Sampat plays Shruti Chambal in Orange is the New Black. We’re really excited about watching these actresses on what seems to be a very promising show.