Meet Jwala Gutta, a Leading Badminton Player in India

1 year ago / by Team SEEMA
Jwala Gutta
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

India’s badminton scene is now producing star athletes such as Jwala Gutta, a professional player with a number 6th in the BWF world rankings. Born in September of 1983, this 38-year-old has developed a seasoned athletic career that has brought her fame on an international level.


Born in Wardha to a Chinese mother and a Telugu father, Gutta grew up in Hyderabad, where she learned how to play tennis and badminton from a young age. She began earning her first championships as a minor, winning the Junior National Badminton Championship. 

Since then, her career has developed into a national success; Gutta became known as the best doubles badminton player. She’s won a gold medal at the New Delhi Commonwealth Games, a bronze medal at the Badminton World Championship, and ranked high in the 2012 London Olympics. In recent years, Gutta has performed at recent events such as 2016’s Premier Badminton League. 

Jwala Gutta About

In addition to an impressive athletic career, Gutta has become an advocate for a number of issues, most notably in gender equality in Indian society. Her aim is to increase fair treatment in sports, education, and health.