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Meet Moji Masala

Jun/07/2024 / by Team Seema

A Kashmiri girl and an Irish boy make for a fabulous dinner on the fly

It’s only now in 2024 we are hearing of the many fruits born of the pandemic. The culinary landscape just a few short years ago was bleak, and that’s putting it nicely. Famed chefs shut down shops, support staff fled for more secure paying jobs and the bounce back of the restaurant scene has been fraught with rising food costs keeping one time regulars dining at home. 2020’s culinary demise seems to be 2024’s delight. Having to get creative, cooks and culinary rookies alike took that time to write books, create side hustles and in some cases completely makeover their current careers. 

Meet Makers Shireen & JD

Shireen Quadri and JD Walsh stepped into their culinary venture on a return road trip from a visit to Qadri’s family in Maryland. Armed with a package of Shireen’s mother’s spice blend for rogan josh and the flavors and aromas of homemade Indian meals fresh in their in the minds, the idea for their new business baby was born. Both thought it would be great to recreate their favorite Kashmir dishes with pre made spice blends, like the rogan josh that Shireen carefully transported home. They knew even in their foodie haven of New York City, it was challenging to source the exact spices they needed. So Shireen, working in finance, and JD, running basketball schools in Asia, eventually scrapped those jobs and decided to go all in with their new found focus- Moji Masala.

Moji= Mother in Kashmiri

Masala= Spice Blend

Moji Masala, the prepackaged freshly ground, impeccably stored Indian spice blends took years of taste testing and perfecting in their NYC set up. Fast forward to 2020 and finding themselves in a global pandemic they relocated to the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia for fresh air and space. This is where they set up shop in the commercial kitchen workspace called Culinary Collective. Now 2024 and Moji Masala, is a true family business offering an array of organic, preservative, and additive- free spices mostly sourced from India. They start from scratch- in many cases that means seeds- and grind them to create authentic spice blends home cooks can easily use to recreate their favorite masalas or tandoori. Ranging in price from $5 to $10 for single spice blends up to $75 for spice blend sets you can conveniently order online at The packages also have a handy shopping list on the back for all of the other ingredients you’ll need and a QR code to click for cooking and advice videos from Shireen and JD.

Meeting Millennials Where They Are

You may recall a few months ago we dove into the minds of millennials and chatted about how they are more educated and better traveled than generations before them which created global palates ripe for these type of products. While ready to buy spice blends may be more expensive than purchasing single spices, millennials don’t see this as an indulgence. In fact they see the economic value in being able to prepare an authentic dish in less time. Brands like Moji Masala are meeting them on their turf, making culinary quests attainable and dinner delicious.


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