Meet San Ramon’s New Mayor, Aparna Madireddi

Jun/13/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Aparna Madireddi
Image credits: Element5 Digital via Unsplash

Aparna Madiredddi is looking to become the newest mayor of San Ramon, a city-based in California. With endorsement from Greg Carr, he has also offered to manage her campaign going forward.

Aparna Madireddi Biography

Aparna Madireddi about: She is a leader, a woman with influence and vision and what better choice than Aparna to help bring positive changes to the city San Ramon, California.

Madireddi has been a citizen of San Ramon for 22 years and has plenty of first-hand experience in what happens in the city and what needs changing.

Why Madireddi Is The Ideal Candidate to Replace Bill Clarkson (Current San Ramon mayor)

Aparna Mardireddi is endorsed by Greg Carr, who believes she is the ideal candidate for the job. In an interview, Carr said, “…I have volunteered to be her campaign manager for many reasons… she genuinely cares for the best interests of the residents and local business community….”

Carr has worked with Aparna Madireddi for a long time, and she is aware of the city’s financial status. She also knows the city’s needs that require attention and has a close relationship with the people and entrepreneurs of local businesses.


Mardireddi has a master’s degree in Geography, and she specializes in urban, rural and human geography.

What Aparna Madireddi Looks to Change If She is Elected as the Mayor of San Ramon

  • Engagement with the community and involve residents in city governance.
  • Expand and protect the open spaces and parks of San Ramon.
  • Give support to small local businesses of San Ramon.
  • Reduce the city’s debt and increase the reserve fund
  • Advocate for local control of San Ramon’s development.

Fun Fact

Aparna was the first candidate to declare for the San Ramon mayor race.


Who is Aparna Madireddi married to?

Her spouse is not known.

Where was she born?

Aparna was born in India but relocated to San Ramon over 20 years ago.

What is Aparna Madireddi’s net worth?

Her net worth is not disclosed.

When did Aparna Madireddi start her career?

She began her career after being qualified with her Master’s degree.

What’s the age of Aparna Madireddi?

Madireddi’s age is not precisely known.

What is the profession of her?

Aparna is in politics and running her campaign to become the mayor of San Ramon, California.

Conclusion: Why We Love Aparna Madireddi For Mayor

After reading this article, we see how good Aparna is for the city of San Ramon and all its 75 thousand residents. With infrastructure and plans in place, she is setting the tone for beneficial change and a better way for those living there.

Share your thoughts about Mayor Aparna Madireddi.


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