Meher Pudumjee: Find Biography on Meher Pudumjee Thermax

Apr/11/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Meher Pudumjee
Image credits: Indian School of Business via Flickr

Meher Pumdumjee Thermax comes from a family of business owners who encouraged her to get an education. Entrepreneur Meher Pudumjee was not pressured to become part of the family business. However, Pudumjee had the skills to take over a successful business due to her parents’ example and her education at Imperial College of Science and Technology.

What Is the Profession of Meher Pudumjee?

She is the current chairperson of Thermax. She has held this position for nearly 20 years when she took over the business from Anu Aga, her mother. The biography of her suggests that she believes in developing listening skills and maximizing the talents of her team members. Pudumjee also asserts that leaders should not be intimidated by people who are more skilled in certain areas and that passion is contagious and will inspire team members to continue to be their best personally and professionally.

More About Meher Pudumjee

News on her suggests that before she took over as chairperson for Thermax, she was the vice-chairperson for the company.


Who is she married to?

Entrepreneur Meher Pudumjee is married to Pheroz Pudumjee.

Where was she born?

Pudumjee was born in Puna, India in 1966. The age Meher Pudumjee is 56.

What is Pudumjee net worth?

The net worth Meher Pudumjee as of 2020 is Rs 5,850 crore which she shares with her mother Anu Aga.

When did she start her career?

Pudumjee started her career after studying at the Imperial College of Science & Technology in London. She has served as the chairperson of Thermax Limited since 2004. She joined Thermax in 1990 after graduating from college and moving back to India.


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