Michelle Ranavat Merges Her Indus Culture with Western Elements Creating The Much-Loved Ranavat Brand

Jun/17/2022 / by Nancy Amon (jnr)
Michelle Ranavat
Image credits: Chamomile Brodard via Unsplash

When it comes to glamour and elegant style, you can count on Michelle Ranvat. Still, she’s not only about elegance; she’s also found a way to create her successful beauty brand called Ranvat, which specializes in merging India-Western traits to create a unique product that consumers enjoy using.

Michelle Ranavat About – Who Is She?

Looking at Michelle Ranavat biography, we see why she does so well in blending both Indus and Western worlds into her products. Her brand is creative, innovative and a beauty success.

Michelle Ranavat was born in America to Indian immigrants. Being exposed to the East and West has instilled in her the creative desire to want to introduce both worlds to her customers. This was the start of Ranavat, Michelle’s successful beauty and fragrance brand.

Michelle Rananvat is running her successful company. As the co-founder and CEO of Ranavat, Michelle leads a brilliant team of dedicated and creative personnel. Michelle is not only the beauty and face of her brand. She is also the brain and innovative leader behind her team and Ranavat.

Michelle Ranavat news– What makes her products stand out is the fact that it is blended with only the best natural ingredients sourced from India and America.

Another factor that makes her brand stand out from the rest is the company’s complete transparency about its ingredients. There are no secrets, and they have established a bond with their customers in which ingredients sourced are openly visible.

Some ingredients found in Ranvant products include sandalwood, neem leaf, and buchachi serem essential oils sourced from plants.

Fun facts

Michelle Ranavat is actually an engineer by trade and qualification. However, her love for innovation on a consumer scale in beauty won her heart and her interest.

Michelle has a good grasp of marketing, and retail forms part of her working foundation and experience.

She was a famous Bollywood dancer in New York, and she’s performed in advertisements, movies and the Lincoln Center.

Michelle Ranavat
Image credits: Emily Bauman via Unsplash


Who is Michelle Ranavat married to?

We’re not sure who Michelle’s husband is, but we know she is married and has children. In an interview, she mentioned she spends time during the week taking and picking kids up from school and that doing this and work-related things balances her time.

Where was Michelle Ranavat born?

Michele was born in America and grew up in a small town in Wisconsin to immigrant parents from South Asia.

What is Michelle Ranavat’s net worth?

It isn’t clear what Michelle makes nor what her net worth is. All we can say for sure is that her products are luxurious and deserving of a high price tag since they are all-natural.

When did Michelle start her career?

Michelle is an engineer by qualification, but she has also had a strong passion for beauty, and now she creates all the time. She’s been in the beauty industry for over five years.

If there was a vital tip Michelle would give, what would it be?

Never forget to cleanse the skin.”Hydration is key, and never skip cleansing at night…” said the beauty brand CEO Michelle.

As an entrepreneur, what advice would Michelle Ravanat give other entrepreneurs?

In an interview with Bluemercury, Michelle was asked this very question, and she replied saying, “you can do it! Being an entrepreneur is all about believing in yourself and not letting stress get to you….”

Conclusion: Michelle Ranavat

It’s inspiring and encouraging to know that there are so many successful South Asian women like Michelle Ranavat around the world. Not only are they beautiful inside and out, but they are also extremely intelligent and a brilliant asset to any industry.

Do you also feel inspired by Michelle and the way she introduces her world to the rest of the world? We sure are.


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