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Millennials Love Indian Food!

Apr/07/2024 / by Team Seema

Indian Spices Top Food Trends For this Generation of Foodies

There’s so much more to millennial food trends than avocado toast. With almost 73 million mouths to feed, millennials are a driving force in food trends and Indian cuisine in at the top of their love list. Rich in culture, flavors, and with a global reach it’s no wonder Indian spices are a favorite with this crowd. A sector entrenched in tech, travel, healthy living, and of course social media it’s no wonder Indian spices have garnered favor with millennials. Here’s how this generation known for “living their best lives” in their twenties and thirties is shaping today’s food culture. 

Tech Tastes- These screen addicts benefit from exposure to food delivery options, meal kits and food history at their finger tips. Many in previous generations never knew Indian cuisine, let alone ordered it directly to their dorm room multiple nights a week. Adding masala spice mix or tempeh to your Instacart simply was not an option. Today International markets exist at the click of a button and millennials craving home cooking can look up recipes online or watch TikTok tutorials on how to recreate mom’s butter chicken by simply asking Alexa. 

Educated Eaters- We know millennials carry more student debt than their parents but this also means they are more educated as a generation and that pertains to food too. Many seek healthier food choices and Indian food fits the bill with vegetarian and vegan options. This sector is focused on wellness and self- care and they also prioritize their beliefs. That includes taking care of the planet. Foods that are farm fresh, locally sourced, and have less impact on the environment including meat alternatives and plant- based dishes are more appealing to this sustainably conscious crowd. 

*Design Box Out- More than 50% of Millennials claim to be foodies.

Global Palate- While this generation may earn less than their parents they travel more and are overall more transient. This translates to curiosity in culture and dining. With spice blends and traditional curries varying from region to region the Indian spice market has responded by creating pre blended mixes ready to buy. This allows busy millennials to recreate their favorite comfort foods and western millennials the opportunity to make these dishes at home easily. While spice blends may be more expensive than the single spices millennials don’t see this as an indulgence. In fact they see the economic value in being able to prepare an authentic dish in less time.


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