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Ratan Tata
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About Ratan Tata

CEO Ratan Tata is an industrialist and philanthropist. He is the former chairman of Tata Sons and continues work with charitable trusts. In 2010, he had naming by Forbes as the 61st richest man.

Ratan Tata Biography

Born in 1937 in Mumbai, India, he was the son of Naval Tata and Sooni Tata. After his parents separated, he had raising by his grandmother, Navajbai Tata. She was the widow of Sir Ratanji Tata. Early in his life, he went to school at the Campion School in Mumbai. 

His education included He completed the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School in 1975. Prior to that, he attended Cornell University in New York where he earned a degree in architecture.

In the 1970s, he increased the profits of Tata Group company National Radio and Electronics (NELCO). It subsequently collapsed, but he was named chairman of the Tata Group after R.J.T. Tata stepped down from the role.

Ratan Tata News Today

The recent news on Ratan Tata shows that he won the following awards:

Honorary Doctor of Automotive Engineering – Clemson University – 2015 

Sayaji Ratna Award from Baroda Management Association, Honoris Causa, HEC, Paris – 2015 

Commander of the Legion of Honour, Government of France – 2018

Honorary Doctorate Swansea University – 2018

He earned many more awards and honorary degrees throughout his career.

Assam government and Tata Trusts have joined hands to set up the cancer care grid. It consists of 18 hospitals and an apex research and development multi-specialty unit. Tata spoke at the ceremony for the laying of the foundation.

The Ratan Tata net worth in 2010 was $291B. He holds 48 investments, as of 2022.

He is currently on the board and in an advisory role at Mitsubuishi Motors, Jungle Ventures, Alcoa, Nanobiosym and more and is on the advisory board of Rolls-Royce, J P Morgan Chase and other companies.


Who is Ratan Tata married to?

He is single and does not have a marriage.

Where is he born?

He is born in Mumbai, India.

Is Ford owned by Tata?

No. Tata Motors has been the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover, which Tata acquired from Ford Motor in 2008.

When did he start her career?

He joined the Tata Group in 1962