More Than a Woman: PT Usha

1 year ago / by Team SEEMA
PT Usha
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

What is a woman but the ability to overcome all odds and still come out on top of the world? One such woman who has overcome odds to become one of India‘s finest female athletes is that of P. T Usha. But who is P. T Usha?

P.T Usha was discovered in 1977 or 1976 by O.M Nambiar, an athletics coach. She was discovered at an athletics ceremony. Proficient in track and field, it wasn’t long before P. T Usha was catching the eyes, and the hearts of the nation. In 1978, she won six medals at the inter-state meet for juniors. And during the Kerala State College meet, she won a whopping fourteen medals! In 1979 she won the individual championship at the National School Games. From there, in 1980, in her first ever international meet, she won four gold medals for India!

She would continue to become an inspiring and successful track and field star. Her finest career moment came in 1984 at the Los Angeles Olympics. During the pre-Olympics meet, she beat top American sprinter Judi Brown. However, she did end up coming fourth in the finals. In the late 80s, athlete PT Usha would win multiple medals at multiple games and meets throughout the country. While the age of PT Usha may not matter so much, her legacy does. Born in 1964, athlete PT Usha has gone on to be crowned “Queen of India track and field” which is quite the deserving title.

While learning about PT Usha is important, so is recognizing what she’s done for women’s athletics worldwide. Thanks to PT Usha and her successes, and to many who have read the biography of PT Usha, women and girls everywhere are standing up and taking charge of their athletic careers, a niche which is heavily male-dominated. The biography of PT Usha is certainly an inspiration for all.


Did pt usha win any olympic race?

Yes, she has won many Olympic races, such as medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

How many races has pt usha won?

She has won many races throughout her career, including races which netted her 23 medals, 14 of which were gold medals.

When did she start her career?

PT Ushna started her career around 1976, with most of her success taking place in the 1980s.