Muscle Strengthening Exercises: Here’s All You Want To Know

Jun/11/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Muscle Strengthening Exercise
Image credits: Alora Griffiths via Unsplash

Muscle strengthening exercises are critical to the well-being of muscles. Our muscles play an integral role in our mobility and physical function. From raising your leg to taking a step to carrying something in your hand, even the smallest of movements takes muscle strength.

Not everyone takes care of their muscles as they should. This is why we want to share this post about how you can use muscular strength workouts to improve your muscles health and flexibility.

Why Muscular Strengthening Exercises is An Advantage

Muscle strength is vital for endurance while you’re performing exercises, and apart from that, it also helps develop a toned body.

Muscle endurance benefits also include some of these:

  • Reduced injury risks
  • Psychologically gives you confidence and a sense of accomplishment
  • You’ll be able to add more activities into your muscular strength workouts
  •  Stronger muscles and bones
  • Increases strength to do physical activities

Muscle strength activities include a wide variety of resistance training, and you don’t need to be at the gym to do these activities. In just a bit, we’ll give you some exercises for muscular strength that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Did you know that you can do muscular strength exercises at home using weights, resistance bands, climbing stairs, dancing, cycling, squats, stretches and dance?

Here are the exercises you can do to improve the strength of your muscles.

Muscle Strengthening Exercise That Promotes Balance


Yoga is a major exercise that’s been around for centuries. Developed in the East and passed down to generations and the western world, yoga imparts a mind-body balance with healing from the inside out. When practiced every day, yoga can help improve balance and strengthen, as well as tone muscles.

Tai chi

Tai chi is another ancient practice developed in China that promotes the flow of energy and strength throughout the body. The sequences of movement help to gain strength and proper posture as well as that essential balance needed for everyday mobility. Even though it might not always look that way when observing seniors doing tai chi, it is, in fact, a powerful practice as a superb muscular strength workouts.

Take the stairs

To incorporate muscle strengthening exercise into your routine, try something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The stairs might not seem like a big deal, but you’re going to work those muscles in your legs and taking more than one flight of stairs will increase the endurance levels.

Enjoy nature walks and hikes

The great thing about being out in nature is that you get to enjoy all the goodness of fresh air. You can feel the wind on your skin, the sunshine and all the good stuff that comes with being outdoors in nature.

Take the opportunity to walk at your own pace and comfort or look for some easy hiking trails. You don’t have to be a hiking pro to enjoy the rugged outdoors.

Weight training and resistance bands

Lifting weights also helps to strengthen muscles too. While resistance bands may be lighter, weights might be heavier. If you’re only starting off, you can start with resistance bands instead and then move on to dumbbells.


Muscle Strengthening Exercise That Promote Flexibility

Flexibility goes hand in hand with muscle strength, and thus balancing out both is important. Some flexibility exercises can seem intimidating, especially when you’re not as flexible. The good news is, there are always variations that cater to everyone.

Some flexibility exercises include the following:


Since yoga requires a series of stretches, it makes sense why this one is at the top of the list for flexibility.


With similar principles of yoga, Pilates comprises balance moves, flexibility stretches and core strength.

Regular stretching

We’ll call this one “regular stretching” since yoga is also a series of stretches but done differently. Regular stretching also has certain moves, as seen in yoga and is often used by athletes or people recovering from injury.

Tai chi

Tai chi forms part of muscle strengthening exercise and supports flexibility.

Muscle Strengthening Exercise That Contributes To Aerobics Endurance

Aerobic strength or cardiovascular training is important for going further for longer. In doing aerobics endurance exercise, you’ll increase stamina and your ability to cycle or run further, for example. Aerobics is also perfect for weight management.

Some amazing aerobic strengthening exercises include, but are not limited to the following:


A few laps in the pool is all it takes to increase muscle strength and your heart too. The best thing about being in the water is that it is gentle on your joints, and you won’t have to worry about irritating an old injury or risking a new one.


Running is a great way to increase muscle strength and also increase your endurance and help improve cardiovascular strength.

Sports (hockey, football, tennis etc)

Sports in all variants can help improve your heart strength and other muscles. This is especially so when it involves plenty of running.

Its recommended to do around 150 minutes of aerobic exercises a week. Pair aerobics with muscle-strengthening workouts to find that balance.

Muscle Strengthening Exercise To Improve Your Strength

You may be thinking that muscle strengthening exercises are only meant for fit athletic folks. The truth is, muscle strengthening exercise is meant for everyone, despite age group or fitness level. While everyone may not do the exact same exercises, they could do similar modified variations to avoid injury or discomfort.

Body Weight Squat

The squat is a powerful exercise move, but it can cause knee pain if it is done incorrectly. Bear your form and stance in mind when doing this one at all times.

To do the bodyweight squat, stand tall with your feet and legs apart. You need to balance your weight evenly across both your legs. Holding your arms out, you’ll lower your butt as though about to sit in a chair without moving your weight over your knees. The knees should stay behind the toes. Squats help to strengthen the lower body’s muscles, such as the hips and knees.

The Push-up

Push-up takes strengthening training to another level because it targets several muscles in the body. Some muscles strengthened by the push up includes the pectorals, chest muscles, triceps, abdominals and the muscles located under your armpits.

When it comes to push-ups, your form is also of utmost importance to avoid pain in the elbows, shoulders and wrists. Remember, with push-ups; there are also other variations before doing it flat from the floor. You could use the wall, the bottom of a staircase or a chair to help you get the correct form, without the pressure and difficulty of a full push up on the floor.

Mountain Climbers

If you’ve already worked on your push up and are much better at it and looking to extend your exercises for muscular strength, then try these. The mountain climbers move targets your upper and lower arms, abs, legs, chest and back. It is very engaging and gets the blood pumping as you step one foot at a time.


The plank is another revolutionary exercise for strength because it yet again tackles so many muscles. It helps increase strength in your arms, core, back and legs. Just like with the other exercises, there are also variations of the plank that will help you get into the one that you feel most comfortable with. As you build strength, you can carry on and do the more challenging variations.

Single-Leg Toe Touches

The single-leg toe touches challenge your balance and range. Once you’ve mastered it and built more strength and balance, you’ll be able to do it for longer. Use a wall or a bench to help better cope with balance during this exercise.

For the single-leg toe touches, you’re working your glutes, flexors, and hamstrings, to name a few.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are fun and don’t take much effort to do, but it will definitely work your muscles and promote cardio health. You can also modify your jumping jack to minus the jump and still add the abduction (outward with the arms) and induction (inward movement with the arms.)

Being mindful of your knees, you should engage the glute muscles (buttocks muscles) instead of allowing the knees to slump when bringing the legs close.

Double leg raises

Leg raises or double leg lifts target your abdominal muscles and your hips. Engaging your core throughout the process is important to achieve results. Leg raises may not be as challenging as some other workouts, but they will help you on your road to stronger muscles.


What are the best muscle strengthen exercise?

Muscle strengthening exercises one could consider the best because of its “all-round” effects is probably the plank (various types), the squat and also the push-up. All the mentioned exercises will increase muscle strength and work various muscles of the body.

What are 3 benefits of muscle strengthening exercise?

Muscle strength workouts help maintain strong muscles, so you can do daily physical activity with fewer chances of injury. Strengthening your muscles will also increase joint flexibility and aid with stronger bones.

What is the benefits of muscle strengthening?

Muscle strengthening workouts keep the muscles and joints strong. With strong muscles, you decrease your chances of injury.

What are the 10 strengthening exercises?

1 – Push-ups
2 – Sit-ups
3 – Pull-ups
4 – Plank
5 – Squats
6 – Mountain climbers
7 – Leg raises
8 – Single leg raises
9 – Weight lifting
10 – Aerobics

How do I get super strong fast?

Everything is a process, and achieving the goal body won’t happen overnight. One of the key things to keep in mind when looking to gain strength and even change your body shape is to stay consistent. Any exercise routine you embark on requires consistency. That consistency is paired with eating clean and healthy. To add to consistency and healthy eating comes getting enough rest and sunlight too.

Conclusion To Why Muscle Strengthening Exercise Is Advantageous

Balancing your exercises is critical to achieving success, bearing in mind that consistency counts too. In addition to muscular strength exercises at home and flexibility, you should also add cardiovascular workouts to your routine. Cardio will increase your aerobic endurance and manage weight.

If you’re looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, then eating healthily along with exercise and rest will go a long way in investing in your wellness.