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Music to Our Ears

Apr/05/2024 / by Rajitha Penaka

Emerging South Asian musicians, artists, and DJs are bringing together culture and contemporary music

It’s easy to check the billboard and music charts to see what’s trending, but staying in tune with emerging musicians is more of a challenge. But for so many music fans, uncovering new music and artists on the periphery brings its own kind of joy. These up-and-coming South Asian artists use their background and influences to produce relatable and original content to their audiences. Listen to these artists and see what you think—perhaps you will discover additional content while digging.


Mixing classical and contemporary hip hop music, DIVINE draws inspiration from iconic rappers like Eminem and Tupac to create and perform impactful music. His music mainly tells the story of the difficulties of lives on the streets of Mumbai and the difference in the gap between the existing socioeconomic classes. In 2019, the movie Gully Boy, starring Ranveer Singh, drew inspiration from his life and showcased his rise to fame and success. 

Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf’s debut album, “Cure to Loneliness,” was quick to rise to success, featuring electronic indie beats and extraterrestrial dance anthems that can easily excite a crowd. In 2018, Jai Wolf ventured into the festival setting by performing at Made in America in Philadelphia. He uses his Bangladeshi heritage to integrate parts of his background into his discography. If you’re ever in the mood to listen to EDM music that draws in cultural beats, and enjoy contemporary artists like Quinn XCII or ODESZA, be sure to give him a listen!


If you like slow-beat R&B music, Raveena Aurora is worth a listen. She draws inspiration from her Indian roots to produce soothing beats that almost sound like whispers on the tracks. Her 2022 album, “Asha’s Awakening,” is centered around a fictional space princess named Asha, who discovers the intricacies of love and space travel. A lot of artists fail to provide a centered theme that connects their album together, but Asha’s Awakening draws themes from her adolescent life and heritage to tie everything together. Her tracks are described as intoxicating and mysterious, filled with Indian idiophones—be sure to explore it!



Aishwarya Shah, aka ASHWARYA, is a multi-faceted South Asian Artists that has created ripples in the industry. She explores a variety of genres such as bhangra, pop, R&B, and rap. With all these categories to explore, she is able to match themes from her personal experiences to the style of music that it suits. She is accustomed to playing with different types of sound within her music and it exhibits a level of confidence and originality that is unheard of in other artists. Her hit song “BIRYANI” weaves in and out of English and Hindi, while drawing comparisons from love to a beloved South Indian dish, making it both creative and relatable. 

These musicians are just a few that have started to make their mark on the music industry. Their influence has impacted hundreds of people and has allowed them to find music that they can identify with easily.


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