Naimal Khawar Khan Leaves Behind Acting for Art

Jul/15/2023 / by Team Seema
Image credits: Instagram

Naimal Khawar was one of the rising stars of the Pakistan film and TV industry in 2019 when she took a break from her career. Khawar Abbasi has been a popular figure in the Pakistan film industry since her 2017 debut as Marghul in “Verna.” The birth of her son has given the actress time to reflect on life and make a decision about her future.

Learning about her includes learning about her life before her acting career. The success she achieved in “Verna” and the TV show, “Anna” opened many doors for her. Marrying the actor-director, Hamza Ali Abbasi has been one of the most important moments in her life. She has spent the years following the birth of her son deciding on her future.

Born in Peshawar, Pakistan, Naimal studied visual arts at Lahore’s National College of Arts. After becoming a mother, she decided to step back from acting and concentrate on painting. She currently publishes her work through Instagram, with more than two million followers on the social media platform. The biography of Naimal Khawar the actress may not be over, with the actress not ruling out a return to our screens in the future.

FAQs about Naimal Khawar

1. Is she Persian?

Naimal was born to a Persian mother and a Pakhtun father.

2. When did Naimal Khawar start her career?

She made her film debut in 2017s, “Verna.”

3. How many films did Naimal Khawar make?

The actress made one movie and one TV serial. She appeared on the celebrity chat show, “Mazaap Raat” in 2018.


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