Nandita Bakhshi, CEO, Bank of the West and Dream maker

‘As a teenager, I wish I had known that being different is a strength.’ It was early 2020 when we first reached out to Nandita Bakhshi about profiling her. Everything was in motion until suddenly, COVID-19 hit. The profile would have to be put on hold while Nandita focused on what was now the central priority in her life: helping her customers and associates find their way through a pandemic. Success didn't fall into Bakhshi's lap. She earned it from the ground up by starting out as a bank teller. Perhaps that's why she's able to bring both humanity and heart to everything she does. Bakhshi explained, “I fell in love with what banking stands for, which is really to help individuals meet their financial needs. I truly believe we are dream-makers. We put people in their homes, we give them student loans, we give them car loans, we help them with their credit, their deposit needs, their retirement.”
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