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Natural Fabrics for the Interiors

Apr/02/2023 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

This spring, use a variety of textures to bring new life to your home

Natural fabrics for the home

After months of cold, spring’s sunny days and colorful blooms are a refreshing change. It is also a time for transforming your interiors.

Simple changes that include lighter textures, pastels, fresh flowers and plants are some great ideas to embrace. While bringing the outdoors in is a good option to infuse the energy of the season into your home, playing with natural textures and fabrics works wonders too. Read on for more ideas on how to infuse those invigorating spring vibes into your interiors.

Breathable Fabrics

Switching fabrics and swapping furnishings is an easy way to usher in the freshness and cheer synonymous with spring. Velvet drapes, woolen rugs and heavy throws, usually in charcoal, black, monochrome and gray, tend to make an appearance during winters.

Come spring, swap them for more airy, light and breathable fabrics. Cotton, linen and jute are not only texturally ideal, but are pretty as well. Breezy hues like buttercup yellow, marigold, mint green and pastel pink lend the right vibrancy without being over the top.

If upholstering your couch is daunting, just add some cotton cushions and a light linen throw. You can also opt for something like a faux fur or flax throw to create a contrast in textures. Linen window treatments also give your windows an instant face-lift. Add in floor cushions or throw pillows to elevate the look and feel of the space. Pair it with a jute rug and you have a sprightly set-up in a jiffy!

Patterns Galore

Mix and match patterns to retain visual interest. Pretty floral, solid, check and smaller prints are good choices. But pair botanicals with solids or checks with solids to impress. Be careful not to use too many patterns. That could be jarring. If you like large, statement prints, create an accent wall by using wallpaper. Or cover a part of the wall with fabric. Handloom prints, rugs, artwork on denims etc. create unique textures while adding a chic, cozy vibe.

Do not forget tableware. Table styling for spring can be exciting, given that the season is all about renewal outdoors. Create an inviting vibe with table linen, including mats and napkins in cheerful hues and pretty patterns coupled with crockery to match.

Recreate a similar bright set-up on the deck or patio to capture the nuances of the season. Eco-friendly textures like bamboo and terracotta can add an interesting dimension and provide an interplay of textures.

Rustic Elements

Spring is also about decluttering, cleaning and clearing off unwanted stuff. To keep the space organized, use baskets of cane, rattan and bamboo. Besides keeping things tidy, it increases the aesthetics of the space. Unstained wood and wicker accents are great ways to incorporate natural textures. Stone artifacts, wicker planters, and ceramic pottery are other accessories that give can be a breath of fresh air in your kitchen.


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