Neha Narkhede on Making billions

May/28/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Neha Narkhede
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Neha Narkhede is the cofounder of Confluent, and she is a self made millionaire. Neha Narkhede moved from India to the United States in 2006, and in 2007, Neha Narkhede began her career at Oracle as a software engineer. After that, Narkhede began to work for Linkedin. In 2014, Narkhede got together with some of her colleagues from Linkedin, and they created a streaming company called Confluent. The current value of that company is 2.5 billion dollars. According to Forbes, Neha Narkhede is one of the richest self-made women in the world. Narkhede believes that her father was instrumental to her current success. When she was a child, he would show her books about women who were brave and who were pioneers in their fields. These stories gave her a sense of power, and they enabled her to see herself in a successful light; she realized that with a good work ethic and determination, she could become a leader. 

A Biography on Neha Narkhede

She was born in Prune India in 1984. She attended the Prune Institute of Computer Technology, and she later went to the University of Prune. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Engineering. She later moved to the US, and she got her masters in Technology at Georgia Tech. She decided to stay in the US, and she was later able to obtain her citizenship. After finishing her higher education, she began working at Oracle as a software engineer. She moved on to work at LinkedIn in 2011, and in 2014, she and her partners founded Cofluent. 

FAQ on the Entrepreneur Neha Narkhede

Q: Where was Neha Narkhede Born?

A: She was born in Prune, India.

Q: What is her Net worth?

A: She has a net worth of $925 million dollars.

Q: Who is she married to?

A: She is married to Sachin Kulkami.

Q: When did she start her career?

A: She started her engineering career in 2007.

Q: What is the News on Neha Narkhede and Cofluent?

A: Recently, Forbes named her #29 of America’s Self-Made women. She is a woman who has been praised because of her resilience and determination. Currently, she lives in Palo Alto, California with her husband. She and her husband are avid travelers, and she also loves to scuba dive.