Know Entrepreneurial Biography of Nita Ambani

May/07/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Nita Ambani
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Nita Ambani

If you want to learn more about how women are making their mark in the business world, it’s important to learn about entrepreneur Nita Ambani. It is also crucial to learn about the company Reliance Industries Nita Ambani formed and continues to run successfully with her husband. Here is a short Nita Ambani biography that will teach you more about this prominent businesswoman’s life, as well as news about this philanthropist that may inspire you in your professional life.

Nita Ambani Biography

Nita Ambani, whose maiden name is Dalal was born on November 1, 1963. She is a native of Mumbai and was born into to middle-class Gujarati family to parents Ravindrabhai Dalal and Purnima Dalal. Ambani earned her bachelor’s degree from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics where she majored in commerce. Ambani also learned Bharatnatyam as a child and enhanced her skills to become a professional Bharatanatyam dancer.

In addition to her creative skills, Ambani is the chairperson and founder of Reliance Foundation. She also serves as the CSR arm of the foundation’s parent company, Reliance Industries. Nita Ambani was elected to the board of Reliance Industries in 2014.

Ambani also co-owns the Mumbai Indians.

What Is Nita Ambani’s Profession?

Nita Ambani is a professional businesswoman and entrepreneur. Her company, Reliance Foundation, is a philanthropic organization based in India. Ambani founded the company in 2010.

Ambani’s team, the Mumbai Indians, is part of the Indian Premier League. The team won the champion title in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. Ambani was also the leader of ESA, the Education, and Sports for All initiative. This program was the Mumbai Indians’ way to give back to the community. ESA served more than 100,000 children in need and created education awareness using a variety of digital and media platforms.

Nita Ambani’s accomplishments also include being the founder of the Dhirubhai Ambani International School. The school has been classified as one of the best Resources and Services schools.

News on Nita Ambani

Ambani was among the eight candidates nominated for International Olympic Committee membership in 2016. The new members’ election was conducted during the 129th IOC Session in August 2016. Ambani is the first Indian woman in the committee.

In addition to being one of the wealthiest women in the world, Ambani also prides herself on being a loving mother to her three children, Akash, Isha, and Anant. Ambani’s youngest son, Anant, started a weight loss journey and Ambani decided to join him in his efforts to improve his health. Nita ended up losing 18kgs (over 40 pounds) by getting healthier with her son and revealed that her son was her only motivation for making this major life change. Ambani also revealed that Anant needed to improve his health because he suffered from obesity and asthma and needed steroid medication to breathe easier. Ambani shares that she wanted to be a good example for her son and didn’t want to eat decadent meals while her son was trying to to lose weight, so she decided to make the process easier for him.

Even though the Ambani’s are India’s richest family, Nita shares that her sense of identity comes from her middle class values and not her impressive wealth. She shares that “power is responsibility” and that being good to others and acting with integrity are the things that bring her peace and fulfillment.


Who is Nita Ambani married to?

Nita Ambani is married to Mukesh Ambani. The couple wed in 1985 and have three children. Her husband is a billionaire and is the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries, Ltd. Mukesh is also the managing director and company chairman.

When did she start her career?

Nita Ambani’s career leading to her current position started in 1997 when she participated in a project for constructing a company township. The township was for the people who worked for the Reliance refinery at Jamnagar. The project was for the purpose of establishing an environmentally-friendly community to house over 17,000 people and plant trees. Currently, the complex features almost 100,000 mango trees.

What is her net worth?

As of October 2021, Nita Ambani’s net worth is $102 billion. Nita, along with her husband Mukesh, are among the richest couples in the world.

Where was Nita Ambani born?

Nita Ambani was born in Mumbai into a Gujarati family. Ambani’s family was considered middle class.