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Nourish: The Butter Chicken Battle

Feb/03/2024 / by team-seema

Two different restaurant chains in Delhi are claiming to be the inventor of the
popular Indian dish

One of the most popular Indian dishes in the world—the mild, velvety butter chicken—is the center of a fiery dispute in India. Two popular Indian restaurant chains are fighting for the right to claim butter chicken as their original creation. The family behind Delhi’s Moti Mahal restaurant brand brought the lawsuit in January,
contending that restaurant founder Kundan Lal Gujral originally created the dish in the 1930s in Peshawar before it moved to Delhi.

The lawsuit targets Daryaganj, a restaurant rival, for anointing itself as the inventors of butter chicken as well as the dish dal makhani, another popular Indian dish that
contains lentils, butter, and cream.

The Gujral family is seeking nearly a quarter million dollars for the “false claim” and also for copying the layout of its restaurants, according to the suit. On the other side of the case, Daryaganj says Kundan Lal Jaggi, a late family member, originally partnered with Gujral to open the Delhi restaurant in 1947. To prove that claim, Daryaganj shared with Reuters a hand-written partnership document registered in 1949.

If you’ve never heard of or cooked with asafetida, this spice will add authenticity
to your butter chicken. This spice comes from ferula root (often used as a digestive aid) is known for its strong unami flavors. While you can make delicious butter chicken without it, its addition brings a richness and pungence to the dish that is unmistakably.