Nupur Arora Cooks with Compassion

Arora has a larger-than-life personality and ginormous heart. I was almost teary-eyed as we devoured the box of prasad. Some of my friends saw the picture of the prasad platter in my Instagram stories and went, “That looked so good. I wanted to eat it.” I agree with them. Arora’s food tastes delicious. I love to cook and throw dinner parties at home. But part of my self-care is getting a few of ’s dishes on my plate. My personal favorites are her rajma and saag paneer. There are so many people who are gifted cooks with successful restaurant or catering businesses. There are numerous cooks and meal delivery services all over NYC. What spoke to me about Arora is the altruism in her work and the purpose behind what she does: feeding the community with love.
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