Of Great Beauty: Sara Loren

Jun/23/2023 / by Team Seema
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

About A Girl

Sara Loren grabs the attention and the hearts of everyone who sets eyes upon her. A talented actress, she captivates viewers with both her beauty and her talent. Born on December 11th, 1985, the actress worked her way from the streets of Pakistan to the big screen. Her birth date makes the age of Sara Loren to be 36 until December of 2022.

Sara Loren was born under the name of Mona Lisa Hussain, but later would go on to change her name. She was born in Kuwait, though is basically from Lahore Pakistan. Growing up, Sara showed aptitude both for intelligence and for acting. She graduated from Lahore College of Commerce. In 2010, she began her acting career, following the paths of many by starting with commercials and small roles.

Absolute Talent

The biography of Sara Loren tells of a promising girl from Pakistan who rose to fame through her talents and beauty. Sara is gorgeous and skilled, best known for her role in Makan Aka Home a Heaven (2006), Kajraare (2010) and Sultanat (2014). However, Sara did need to change her name from her birth name due to similarities with another actress.

Born Mona Lisa Hussain, Sara changed her name when she converted from Islam to Christianity. This is both due to the fact she was often being mistaken for an actress of the same name, as well to fit her new Christian identity with more strength. She lives her life happily, finding roles and advancing her career as she remains active on social media as well. She has been said to live in India as of 2010 and has also been romantically tied to Adhyayan Suman. When reading about Sara Loren, one is also bound to find that she is also a well-trained Kathak dancer. From beauty to brains and talent, She has a bright future ahead of her that we’ll also get to enjoy!


Why did Sara Loren change her name?

She changed her name to better match her Christian identity, as well as to avoid being mistaken for an actress of the name of Mona Lisa.

Where is Sara Loren from?

She is from Kuwait, though grew up in Lahore, Pakistan. She currently resides in Mumbai, India.

When did Sara Loren start her career?

Sara began her acting career sometime after graduating from college in 2010.


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