Opting for a Nude Makeup Look? Try This!

Nude Makeup
Image credits: Pixabay

When it comes to nude makeup, skin-tone inspired hues are used, resulting in more natural-looking makeup rather than highly sculpted or strobe faces. Applying nude makeup looks like no mean feat initially.  It looks very similar to your own skin, and is hardly noticeable. Yet that’s not all there is to it!  You need to choose colours for your mouth and eyes that aren’t too light, but also don’t seem washed out. Here’s a look at what you need to know and how to do nude makeup. 

How to Do Perfect Nude MakeUp

Follow these steps for a beautiful natural looking appearance.

Prep Your Skin

Always begin with your skincare regimen before moving on to your make-up. Makeup looks its best on a smooth, flat surface, which a quality moisturizer can provide. A good under eye cream could help reduce the amount of concealer you use beneath your eyes and make your makeup go on more smoothly in the short term as well. Using a clarifying cleanser may help to clear your skin, allowing you to use lighter foundations. When it comes to protecting your skin and ensuring that your cosmetics goes on smoothly and lasts longer, prepping your skin is the most important step.

Use a Primer

Opting for a natural makeup look doesn’t imply that you don’t care if your makeup fades!  Preparing with a high-quality primer is the best method to keep your makeup from fading.
In addition, primer acts as a buffer between your skin and makeup. This reduces oils that can lead to makeup fading too. 

Your Base

Shaded moisturizers and BB creams are great options if you’re looking for a dewy look. Both of these products will balance out your skin tone and smooth it out, but the coverage they provide is more natural-looking. Additional skin-care advantages, including hydration and sun protection, are often included in these formulas.

Nude Looking Eyes  

Applying natural makeup doesn’t mean that you can’t play with eye makeup. You may add a flash of color to your face by swiping on a bright eyeshadow, although neutral hues are very stunning for an all-neutral look. If you’re looking for a great range of nude eyeshadow, try Maybelline’s Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palettes. I’ve discovered that the shades here are not as pigmented or bold as other eyeshadow palettes. It’s pretty, but has that barely there aesthetic! 

So How Does One Apply Eyeshadow for That Nude Effect? 

  • Take a taupe hue from your nude makeup palette and apply it to your eyelid.
  • Apply a darker shade of brown to the outer corners of your eyes to contour and brighten them up.
  • Using a cream-colored eyeshadow, highlight your brow bone slightly below your brows for an extra dramatic effect. Your eyebrows will look instantaneously better as a result of using this product.
  • That said, you should never skimp on eyeliner and mascara, as they are essential components of every eye makeup look. 
  • Use brown gel eyeliner to draw an even line over your upper eyelid, then apply a dual coat of mascara to round off your natural eye look! 
  • You can also use an eye gloss such as MAKE Face Gloss if you want to go for a more glossy, natural appearance.

Create Dimension with Blush

Enhance natural makeup by adding depth. Highlighter and blush may still be fun to play with, even if you don’t want to go overboard with the contouring. Add warmth and brightness all over your face with blush to your cheekbones, a highlighter on the top portion of your cheekbones,  the middle part of each eyelid, and down the bridge of your nose! 

Round Off the Look with a Lip Shade

The ideal nude makeup look isn’t complete without nude looking lips. When it comes to nude makeup, you can’t use any reds or pinks. Any lipstick brand you choose is sure to feature a wide selection of nude lipsticks. It’s always best to select a matte or crème  type for this look! If you’ve selected a crème lipstick, you may add a bit of translucent lip gloss for added impact.


Is it necessary to wear lipstick with this look?

Absolutely! A lovely matte skin toned hue on your lips is all you need to add the perfect finishing touch for the best nude makeup look.

How long does nude makeup last?

If you’ve opted to omit the foundation and go for a BB cream, your nude base cover may not last as long as a high-coverage foundation. In my experience, your lip color could last for more than 8 hours if you choose a matte nude shade like Rimmel’s 24-hour stay matte blush liquid lip color. The 24-stay matte range is a personal favorite of mine.In my experience, you may also have extended wear with your mascara if you opt for a product like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear mascara.

Is nude makeup and no makeup the same?

Yes, these two are synonymous.

How long does it take to do nude makeup?

I’d say, if you’re applying all the steps, it could take up to 30 minutes to do nude makeup.